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Life and death of a rural village in Garamantian Times

Archaeological investigations in the oasis of Fewet (Libyan Sahara)
Lucia Mori (a cura di), anno di stampa 2013, ISBN 9788878145948
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«The historical archaeology of the Sahara remains an underdeveloped field of research, especially for the pre-Islamic period. The most significant exception to this rule has for long concerned the people known as the Garamantes, who inhabited the central Saharan region coincident with Libya’s south-west province, Fezzan. (…) This volume is a marvelous addition to the small corpus of published research on the Pre-Islamic oasis societies of the Sahara and provides a complementary perspective on the world of the Garamantes to the Anglo-Libyan work I have directed from their heartlands in the Wadi el-Ajal, c. 400 km to north-east of Ghat». Prof. David J. Mattingly, University of Leicester, UK.