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Romarchè 10. Talk about archeology

Next edition of Romarchè 10. Archeology speaks, which will take place in Rome from 30 May to 2 June 2019 and, this year, will focus on the theme of cultural landscapes.

The themes are as follows:

The cultural landscape today

The definition of the constitutive elements and attributes of the cultural landscape in its most current interpretations through a reflection based on the comparison between research and experience in the territories.

The landscape as a shared heritage

Reflections and practices on participatory paths to sensitize communities to the theme of the cultural landscape as an integral part of a collective heritage to be protected and valued.

In the gaze, between space and time

Addressing the theme of the landscape by placing its aesthetic value within the history of man as the result of a representation of reality peculiar to each civilization, in a perspective of interdisciplinary dialogue between anthropology, archeology, history and architecture.

Constraint and opportunity in a controlled construction

The dynamic management of the landscape in the cultural field presupposes a careful study of planning in balance between opposing forces: between protection needs and economic development strategies in an adaptive logic.

Download the program in pdf format: Call for papers, Landscapes - Cultural landscapes