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Riccardo Francovich Award 2020

Riccardo Francovich, Florence, 1973.

Riccardo Francovich Award - VIII edition, year 2020

La Società degli Archeologi Medievisti Italiani (SAMI) has established, starting from 2013, an award dedicated to the memory of Professor Riccardo Francovich, awarded to the Italian museum or archaeological park which, in the opinion of its Members and citizens participating in the vote, represents the best synthesis between the rigor of the contents scientific and effective communication of the same to the public of non-specialists.

The Judging Commission, chaired by Paul Arthur (SAMI President; Professor of Medieval Archeology, Univ. Salento), is composed of Eva degl'Innocenti (Director, National Archaeological Museum of Taranto), Francesca Morandini (Civic Museums of Art and History of Brescia), Fabio Pagano (General Directorate of Museums, MIBAC), Piero Pruneti (Director of Living Archeology), Giuliano Volpe (Professor of Medieval Archeology, Univ. Foggia), Anna Maria Visser (Professor of Museology, Univ. Ferrara).

The Commission has selected the following seven museum sites:

  • Archaeological site of Kaukana, Ragusa
  • Market of the Gaite of Bevagna, Perugia
  • National Archaeological Museum of Cividale del Friule, Udine
  • Museum and Monumental Complex of Torcello, Venice
  • Archaeological complex of S. Eulalia in Cagliari
  • Regional Museum of Ceramics of Deruta, Perugia
  • Museum of the Early Middle Ages of Ascoli Piceno

Two separate votes are available, one reserved for SAMI members (bottom right) and one open to anyone who wants to express their preference (bottom left).
We remind you that it is possible to vote only once (providing a maximum of 2 preferences). Voting is open until January 31, 2020.

Voting link:

We will publish the final ranking at the end of the voting.

The President Prof. Paul Arthur