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Ottone d'Assia and Riccardo Francovich Award - a few days before the deadline of the 2019 Call!

Ottone d'Assia and Riccardo Francovich Award, for the best early work in medieval archeology

Call 2019

La Società degli Archeologi Medievisti Italiani, in consultation with the Publisher All’Insegna del Giglio, to remember the figure of the illustrious scholars and promote the development and enhancement of the discipline, announces an Annual Award to be conferred on a young researcher, consisting in the publication of an unpublished work in the medieval archaeological field.

Rules of participation

  1. Participation in the competition is free for all researchers, Italians and foreigners which, at the date of the announcement, have not exceeded 40 years of age.
  2. The original work, which must deal with a topic of medieval archeology and not exceed 300 typewritten folders and 50 pages of images, must be sent by Monday 15.10.2019, to the SAMI Board of Directors, in digital format, contained in a single file, in word or pdf format. The texts received must already be prepared in anticipation of their possible edition.
  3. From participation in the competition are excluded contributions from a three-year degree thesis.
  4. The Judging Commission is made up of members of the SAMI Board of Directors who will make a first selection of the works in competition. The works thus selected will then be evaluated by referees, Italian or foreign, external to the Steering Committee, in the number of two per work. Following this last evaluation, a ranking will be drawn up, made public through the minutes of the Committee, on the basis of which the Prize will be awarded.
  5. The work judged most deserving will be published in the series dedicated to the award. Two referees chosen by the Steering Committee will be responsible for supervising the work of the prize winner, during the editorial phase for publication.
  6. The Commission reserves the right to report any other works, which may be published at the discretion of the Publisher and in a manner that will be agreed with the Publisher itself.
  7. The Commission, whose judgment is final and unquestionable, may not award any prize if the required requirements are not met among the works presented. There are no ex aequo prizes.
  8. The texts sent, even if not awarded or reported, will not be returned.
  9. The winners will be notified by letter, fax or e-mail.
  10. The award ceremony will possibly be held during the first assembly of the Company to be held in the same year or in the year following the announcement.

The President of SAMI
Paul Arthur

Otto of Hesse. Otto of Hesse - the biography on Wikipedia..

Richard Francovich. Riccardo Francovich - the biography on Wikipedia.

The already published volumes of the previous winners.