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Images of Gela - presentation

Images of Gela - Materia e Arte 5 - cover

Images of Gela

The necropolis and the cultural profile of the late-archaic polis. The materials of the collection and of the Lauricella estate

Author: Alessandro Pace (University of Milan, University of Friborg); Year of printing: 2019; ISBN: 9788878149052; e-ISBN: 9788878149069

AICC-DSI Italian Association of Classical Culture, Delegation of Italian Switzerland, in collaboration with AAT Associazione Archeologica Ticinese


With the author, Marina Castoldi (University of Milan)

Thursday 21 November 2019 at 18 pm
USI, University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano Faculty of Theology
Multipurpose Room, Via Giuseppe Buffi 13

Usually the objects of an archaeological collection have lost part of their exegetical potential because they have been extrapolated from their context; this is not the case with the Lauricella collection. For a series of fortunate events, the materials that compose it can help to reconstruct the socio-cultural profile of Gela in the late Archaic age.The Lauricella collection is presented here for the first time in an integral way, but this work is also a critical re-edition and updated the precious data left by Paolo Orsi, more than a century after their publication, regarding the excavation campaigns carried out in the Lauricella estate, the same land from which the materials constituting the archaeological collection came. The Lauricella estate was located in the S.Ippolito valley, a large cleft on the northern slope of the Gela hill, a real trait-d'union from a topographical and chronological point of view between the archaic necropolis "del Borgo" and the classic one of Capo Soprano. The analysis of the late-archaic burial ground, following the latest perspectives of funerary archeology, offers the fortunate possibility of highlighting the social dialectic within the Geloa community, in a crucial moment for the city and for Sicily as a whole, but for which we have very little news from sources. It is therefore a historical reconstruction project based primarily on archaeological data, in which ample space has been dedicated to the analysis of the imagerie of Attic vases; they accompanied many Geloi on their last journey, expressing their fears, anxieties and aspirations.


Marina Castoldi is professor of Archeology of Magna Graecia at the University of Milan; he dug at the Incoronata (Metaponto), in Gortina (Crete) and directed the reconnaissance project in the Metapontino, between Pisticci and Ferrandina (Mt), “Oltre la chora”. She is the director of the archaeological excavation of Jazzo Fornasiello (Gravina in Puglia, Bari). His research fields, documented by 150 publications in Italy and abroad, concern Greek and Italic archeology and Greek and Roman labronzistica with particular interests in crafts (small plastic, containers, furnishings, technologies), of figured ceramics, of architectural coroplastics. It is also particularly involved in scientific dissemination. He is the author, with Giorgio Bejor and Claudia Lambrugo, of the Greek art manuals. From the tenth to the first century BC, Milan 2013 and Botteghe e artigiani, Milan 2012 (Mondadori University). Since 2007, to deepen the manufacturing techniques of artefacts, he has attended courses in ceramics and stone sculpture at the workshop of the sculptors Giacomo Sparasci and Anna Maria Miglietta (Zibido S. Giacomo - Milan and Otranto).


Alessandro Pace received his PhD from the University of Milan in 2016; at the same University he was subsequently the holder of a research grant. He is currently part of the ERC Advanced Grant Locus Ludi: The Cultural Fabric of Play and Games in Classical Antiquity team, led by Professor Véronique Dasen, at the University of Friborg. He participated in numerous excavation campaigns, in Italy and abroad, as part of the research activities organized by the University of Milan; in particular, since 2005 he has collaborated with the professor Marina Castoldi, within the Oltre la chora project, and since 2009 he has been working in the excavation of the Peuceta inhabited area of ​​Jazzo Fornasiello (Gravina in Puglia, BA). He has numerous articles published in national and international scientific journals, contributions in mixed volumes, exhibition catalogs and conference proceedings. The main fields of research concern the analysis of the cultural dynamics of the Greek world of the West and the relationship with the indigenous world; He also dealt with Attic ceramics, with particular interest in questions concerning attribution, iconography and the social value of images.

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