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Excavations and Researches of Archeologia Postmedievale in Italy

APM - Archeologia Postmedievale, periodical.

With n. 24 (2020) the journal «Archeologia Postmedievale» resumes the publication of the Notiziario “Scavi e Ricerche di Archeologia Postmedievale in Italia”.

The goal is to create a more realistic and up-to-date photograph of the investigations and findings of archeologia postmedievale in Italy (planned, preventive or emergency stratigraphic excavations, surveys of rural archeology, landscape, architecture, cataloging and material culture studies
coming from homogeneous stratigraphic contexts, territorial censuses and historical buildings), to contribute to constant monitoring of research and knowledge.

It will be possible to send the forms to the following two addresses:;

The subject is recommended: "Notiziario di Archeologia Postmedievale".

Deadline for submission (extended): April 30, 2021.

The cards may refer to interventions carried out preferably in the last decade, up to 2020 inclusive and, as a rule, should not exceed 3000 characters, except in cases of particular interest.
For interventions in urban contexts or in multi-layered sites it is suggested to include, in addition to information regarding the post-medieval phases, also a brief mention of the general sequence of the site.
If of good quality and significant, two-three color or graphic photos (300 dpi resolution) can be inserted, to be sent in separate files with captions.
The Editor of the Journal
Prof. Marco Milanese
Full Professor of Archeology, Methodology of Archaeological Research Medieval Archeology 1 and 2
Professional Archeology and Public Archeology Archeologia Postmedievale, Department of History, Human Sciences and Education, University of Sassari, Via Zanfarino, 62 - 07100 Sassari I + 393337965091; 079-229692