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IX Congresso Nazionale di Archeologia Medievale - YouTube

Porto Ferro, Alghero (SS).

Wednesday 28 September - Sunday 2 October 2022

curated by Marco Milanese

editorial board: Marco Milanese, Maria Cherchi, Antonio Fornaciari, Marcella Giorgio, Luigi Magnini, Gianluigi Marras, Stefano Pedersoli, Elisa Pruno, Veronica Venco

SAMI -  Società degli Archeologi Medievisti Italiani

in partnership with:

  • LAMP - Medieval and Post-medieval Archeology Laboratory
  • School of Specialization in Archaeological Heritage - University of Sassari
  • PhD in Archeology, History, Human Sciences - University of Sassari

Volume 1 - Title page, program and index -  pdf file

  • Section I - Theory and Methods and Public Archeology
  • Section II - Trade, Transport and Consumption
  • Section III - Places of worship
  • Section IV - Settlements

Volume 2 - Title page, program and index -  pdf file

  • Section V - Rural, environmental and landscape archeology
  • Section VI - Archeologia dell’architettura
  • Section VII - Archeology of rock settlements
  • Section VIII - Productions
  • Section IX - Bioarchaeologies

Full videos are uploaded to YouTube - link:

Archaeo-Medieval and Post-medieval of Sardinia, YouTube channel.