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The study of ceramics in 2022: methodologies and case studies

The 2022-folding Ceramics Studio - Savona 2022.

On Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October, in the premises of the Civic Archaeological Museum and the City of Savona, the 55th International Congress of Ceramics will be held organized by the Ligurian Center for the History of Ceramics in collaboration with the International Institute of Ligurian Studies, the Civico Archaeological and City Museum, the Municipality of Savona, the University of Genoa and the De Mari Foundation.

The theme of the Conference "The study of ceramics in 2022: methodologies and case studies" will be divided into four distinct sections:
  • - Classification, management, quantification of data
  • Rendering, photogrammetry and traditional drawing
  • Scientific and multidisciplinary investigations
  • Digital platforms, repositories, use of data
The works (which can also be followed remotely via the Teams platform: 7va6ilk) will be attended by over fifty scholars and researchers from Italian and foreign universities, superintendencies, museums and research centers.


The Study of Ceramics 2022-folding - Savona 2022 - pdf

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