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Salon of the Book of Turin

2024, Turin Book Fair.

10.30-hour 11.30
Tuscany Region Stand – Oval Pad

The authors Paolo Lombardi and Gianluca Nesi


  • Learn to kill. The T4 Program and Genocide (2022)

  • A big empty space. Nazi Genocide and Colonization (2020)

  • A solar myth. Otto Rahn from the Cathars to the SS (2018)

  • Blood and soil. The esoteric roots of the Nazi New European Order (2016)

Four volumes that develop a unified reflection on the origins of the Nazi movement, its establishment as a regime and the genocidal results that concluded its tragic journey.

View / download the poster in pdf format: 2024, Turin Book Fair – locandina.pdf

Event created with the contribution of the Tuscany Region

Our volumes present at the Turin Book Fair