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Medieval Archeology, periodical.

Subscription - Medieval Archeology, XLVIII, 2021

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Archeologia dell'Architettura, periodical.

Subscription - Archeologia dell'Architettura, XXVI, 2021

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TWILIGHT, Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene, logo.

Subscription - ANNUARIO TWILIGHT - Scuola Archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente, 99, 2021

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Tribute to Giorgio Bejor, invitation

Presentation of the volume Στην υγειά μας. Studies in homage to Giorgio Bejor Friday 4 June 2021 At 16 pm in Milan, Department of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, via Noto 8, ...

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Bejor tribute, invitation.

Ostia Antica - Academia Belgica Study Day 24 May 2021

Première colonie de Rome fondée selon les sources par Ancus Marcius, port de l'Vrbs, Hosts evening protagonists of a demi-journée d'étude organisée à l'Academia Belgica de Rome 24 mai à…

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Presentation, Ostia Antica, 2021, poster.

Medieval Archeology - collection in digital format

The journal's digital collections, provided through Torrossa. PDF format, downloadable, copy paste and print permissions.

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Ebook collection, AM.

Archaeometry and early medieval metal production

Archaeometry and early medieval metal production - May 27, 2021 The event takes place on the Zoom platform, due to pandemic The event will run on Zoom platform, because of the pandemic Timetable:…

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Archaeometry and early medieval metal production, poster.

Archeology of the construction site: themes and examples from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

Event organized by Andrea Fiorini (University of Bologna) with the support of the Provincial Building School Institute - CPT Ravenna. Date: May 21, 2021 from 14:45 to 18:30 Place: Online Contributions by: Gabriele Cifani (University of ...

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Archeology of the construction site, poster.

Subscriptions updated in May 2021

View and download subscription rates for regular journals, and on-going ordering conditions for irregular and serious journals. In Italian and English. 2020-2021 The ...

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Subscription rates, updated in May 2021.

Selling ebooks on Google Play

For some years our ebooks have also been sold on the Google Play platform. Here are some sales statistics for the years from 2017 to 2021. Best sellers in ...

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Ebook, Google Play sales 2017-2021.
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