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tourismA 2024

FLORENCE - Palazzo dei Congressi / 23 - 25 February 2024 - With the patronage of the Ministry of Culture - You can find our publications at the bookshop and …

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tourismA 2024

tourisma 2024 - Animals in Rome

SATURDAY 24 FEBRUARY ROOM 100 9am – 30pm BOOK SPACE Edited by Massimo Cultraro Cnr-Ispc research director 18pm Jacopo De Grossi Mazzorin and Claudia Minniti, The animals of Rome. Three …

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Animals in Rome, cover.

tourismA 2024 - Hull coverings

FRIDAY 23 FEBRUARY ROOM 4 16pm – 30pm Hull coverings. From antiquity to the modern age By ANA – National Association of Archaeologists Presentation of Hull coverings from antiquity to the modern age. …

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Hull coverings from antiquity to the modern age. Introduction to techniques and workers, cover.

tourismA 2024 - Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene

FRIDAY 23 FEBRUARY ONICE ROOM ITER 2024 Archaeology, Italian Heritage and Research abroad - Italian Archeology for the study, protection and transmission of humanity's cultural heritage By Luca …

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TWILIGHT, Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene, logo.

tourismA 2024 - The Cosa colony

FRIDAY 23 FEBRUARY GREEN ROOM ITALY AND MEDITERRANEAN News from the projects of the University of Florence By SAGAS – Department of History Archeology Geography Art and Entertainment 15pm Ilaria Romeo full professor of …

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The Cosa colony between Arce and Foro. The excavation of Building P (2017-2019), cover

tourismA 2024 - Communicating the Middle Ages

FRIDAY 23 FEBRUARY AUDITORIUM COMMUNICATING THE MIDDLE AGES 14pm “R. Francovich” At the Archaeological Museum of the Great Works of Pagazzano (Bg) for the valorization of the medieval heritage - A …

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Richard Francovich.
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