DOI permalink


To directly access the contents via the DOI, resolve the address via the dedicated portal , following the instructions on the portal itself.

For publications published up to 2019, here are the lists of DOIs assigned to parts of volumes (Series and Monographs) and to articles in Periodicals. For each entry, the DOI and the permalink are indicated for direct access to the content, present on the Torrossa platform (free for Open Access volumes). Each individual entry relates to the content of the PDF (ebook), and could contain (particularly in the case of conference proceedings, monographs and newsletters) multiple grouped contributions. For more detail, we invite you to consult the individual volume sheets in the online catalogue, which contain the complete indexes of each volume. For all volumes and periodical issues to which DOIs have been assigned, you can also find the references in their data sheet.
Download the list of DOIs in pdf format: