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ISSN: 3034-8625

“ANALYSIS. Archeology - Profession - Research" is the first editorial series edited by the ANA - National Association of Archaeologists and created with the desire to expand the possibility of publishing and disseminating archeology research to a vast audience, offering its members the possibility of publish excellent research (the texts are selected by the scientific committee and subjected to double blind peer review) through a financial contribution that can cover up to 75% of the publishing costs.

To this end, the ANA signed an agreement with the publisher "All’Insegna del Giglio"For the creation of an editorial series with direction, editorial staff, scientific committee and peer review by ANA.

The recipients of this editorial operation are twofold: on the one hand the ANA members and on the other the archaeological scientific and professional community.

ANA members will benefit from the possibility of publishing their research in the series edited by the Association. A special scientific committee, chosen by the ANA and made up of personalities from the world of research and the profession in archeology, will evaluate the monographs worthy of publication for their high scientific value, for their substantial contribution to sector studies and for being in in line with the ethical principles of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (reliability of research in terms of methodological rigor, honesty, clarity and transparency in data communication, respect for one's colleagues, for other research participants, for society and for the environment, responsibility in the organization and management of research, from its conception to publication.

The scientific committee will select, through call for papers open to ANA members in good standing with the annual membership, the works that meet the aforementioned values ​​and will send the best ones to double blind peer review: following this further evaluation, one or two monographs will be chosen each year to be published in the editorial series.

The archaeological scientific and professional community will benefit from the enrichment of debate and research in archeology, through the edition of innovative and high-level studies, and from the possibility of wide dissemination of data. To this end, the Association provides for the widest advertising dissemination of the series on its website, on its social networks and through newsletters dedicated to the internal public (ANA members) and external (Universities, Superintendencies, Municipalities, public and private bodies, etc.) .

The project is being developed with the involvement of the “Nino Lamboglia Foundation”, an ONLUS active in the cultural heritage sector with particular - but not exclusive - attention to the world of archeology and the promotion of knowledge and research.

From January 2022 the first call for papers dedicated to ANA members in good standing with the annual membership to be able to publish on ANALYSIS will be published.


  • Management: Marcella Giorgio (National Secretary ANA)
  • Editors: Marcella Giorgio, Luana Belmonte, Valentina Pardini
  • Scientific Committee: Michela Flavia Colella (Nino Lamboglia Foundation), Sauro Gelichi (Full Professor, Ca 'Foscari University of Venice), Paolo Giulierini (MANN Director. National Archaeological Museum of Naples), Giuseppina Manca di Mores (Coordinator of the ANA Technical Scientific Committee ), Francesca Sogliani (Associate Professor, University of Basilicata)

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