SPM - Storie di Paesaggi Medievali

ISSN: 2531-8330

Peer-reviewed series

Series published in Open Access

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) Attribution - Non-commercial - No derivative works 4.0 International.

  • Direction of the series: Riccardo Rao (University of Bergamo) and Fabio Saggioro (University of Verona)
  • Scientific Committee:
    Elisabeth Crouzet Pavan (University Paris Sorbonne)
    Sauro Gelichi (University of Venice)
    Andrea Longhi (Polytechnic of Turin)
    Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo (Universidad del País Vasco)
    Chris Wickham (University of Oxford)

The series includes interdisciplinary studies and reflections on medieval landscapes. Among the lines of research frequented by the Series we mention the study of settlement dynamics, of materials and construction techniques, of the relationships between man and nature (with particular attention to the use of the uncultivated), of the social assets and institutional configurations that they shape the landscapes and regulate their use. And yet the perception of the landscape by communities and individuals in various eras, the ideological representations of the landscapes of power, the necessary extensions to long-term analysis, the methodological reflection on sources (from historical cartography to aerial photographs) and interest in the management of territorial data through GIS systems.

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