100 immagini di libri di scuola. Il Fondo Antiquario del Museo Nazionale della Scuola di Firenze (secoli XVI-XVIII) – INDIRE


Author: Alessandra Anichini (edited by), Pamela Giorgi (edited by)
Year of printing: 2013
ISBN: 9788878145955




Suggestions for a research on the old and new school book and ideas for the continuation of a significant enhancement of our precious documentary and book heritage from the INDIRE Antiques Fund.

INDIRE. National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research
curated by Alessandra Anichini and Pamela Giorgi
with the collaboration of Rita Ercole and Dario Berbeglia

Running towards the future without having the curiosity to look around or to turn around to remember what we have left along our way brings us closer to cars or primates. Understanding reality means taking it all together, collating the past with the future. I have always assumed and then believed, that the role of INDIRE must have to do with the movement of the pendulum which, swinging, occupies all the space in which it is located.
Innovation can be a meaningless word if it is not possible to clearly understand that it does not simply push something forward, but that, in reality, it drags behind it the past which at times seems a burden other times a part of its driving force. Any child has a parent and everyone is what they came from and it will be better if they can keep that in mind at all times. This volume, proposed at the end of a 2013 complex, arises precisely from the awareness of the value and meaning from which INDIRE draws its origins and from the cultural debt it has towards an unexpired past. This publication is therefore an opportunity to inaugurate a new course which, in parallel with the propulsion activity towards the conscious and expert use of technologies, the inescapable drive for the future, recovers what is precious comes from a tradition that does not fall into oblivion. . (Flaminio Galli, General Manager of INDIRE)


Presentazione, di Flaminio Galli
Premessa, di Giovanni Biondi

  • Introduzione, di Giorgio Chiosso
  • Il fondo librario antiquario Indire: origine e prospettive future, di Pamela Giorgi
  • Il libro per imparare, dall’età moderna al secolo dei Lumi. Tracce per una storia da scrivere, di Alessandra Anichini

Secolo XVI

  • Grammatica, retorica, dialettica e lingua italiana; Aritmetica e geometria; Divulgazione scientifica; Ginnastica; Educazione femminile; Educazione dei religiosi; Arte della memoria; Classici; Editoria

Secolo XVII

  • Grammatica, retorica, dialettica e lingua italiana; Aritmetica e geometria; Divulgazione scientifica; Educazione dei nobili; Educazione civile; Arte della memoria; Riflessioni sull’educazione; Editoria

Secolo XVIII

  • Grammatica e belle lettere; Aritmetica e geometria; Geografia; Storia; Ginnastica; Educazione del popolo; Educazione femminile; Educazione dei nobili; Riflessioni sull’educazione; Editoria


  • Sistemi scolastici nei secoli XVI-XVIII, a cura di Pamela Giorgi
  • Elenco dei titoli dei volumi presentati, a cura di Alessandra Anichini
  • Bibliografia

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