Amoenissimis… aedificiis. Lo scavo di piazza Marconi a Cremona. Volume I – Lo scavo


Author: Lynn Arslan Pitcher (edited by), with Ermanno A. Arslan, Paul Blockley, Marina Volonté
Year of printing: 2017
ISBN: 9788899547134

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The first volume of the publication of data from the excavations of three domus in the area of ​​Piazza Marconi in Cremona, presents us with great clarity, directly witnessed by the exceptional archaeological evidence, the historical events of the area in Roman times, in particular the effects of that destruction by fire and sword of Vespasian's troops that in 69 AD razed the city to the ground. However, what constitutes a surprising novelty is the discovery that they were built in Cremona domus of such refinement and elegance that it can be compared to the rich imperial and senatorial residences of Rome. Among the buildings in Piazza Marconi, the Domus del Ninfeo, which today has no possible comparisons in Cisalpina, so much so that to fully understand its structure, organization, materials, decorations, one must directly refer to workers from the center of the Empire. The excavation of Piazza Marconi has opened completely new scenarios for the history of Cremona, opening up study prospects hitherto unimagined in the Cisalpina area.

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