Annuario della Scuola Archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente, Volume 99, 2021 – Tomo I


Year of printing: 2021


The Yearbook of the Archaeological School of Athens and of the Italian Missions in the East has been published since 1914. It presents original and synthetic articles on the art, archeology, architecture, topography, history, religions, anthropology of ancient world, epigraphy and law.
The interest is aimed at Greece and the areas of Greece through time, from prehistory to the Byzantine age and beyond, as well as interactions with the East, Africa and continental Europe.
THEAnnuario it is made up of three sections: Essays, Excavations and Research and Acts of the School 2021, edited by Emanuele Papi. The articles are approved by the Editorial Committee and by two anonymous evaluators. The contributions are published in one of the following languages: Italian, Greek, English, French, with summaries in Italian, Greek and English.



  • Vasiliki Eleni Dimitriou The Athenian Acropolis in Prehistory. The Neolithic “hut”: ceramic assemblage and stratigraphic evidence
  • Simona Todaro “Rationalising” redistribution in the Late EBA Aegean: plain cups and the mobilization of collective labour in the EM III Mesara (Crete)
  • Γεωργία Αλεξοπούλου, Σοφία Κασκαντίρη Τα μυκηναϊκά νεκροταφεία στο Βρυσάρι και στο Μάνεσι Καλαβρύτων: νεώτερα ανασκαφικά ευρήματα
  • Salvatore Vitale, Toula Marketou, Calla McNamee, Maria Michailidou The Kos Archaeological Survey Project and the site of Ayios Panteleimon in the northeast Koan region
  • Athanasios Kalpaxis, Christina Tsigonaki, Nikolia Spanou, Ioannis Bitis Of Gods and Men: continuities and disruptions in the sacred topography of the Acropolis at Eleutherna
  • Germano Sarcone A flower for Nikandre. On the iconography of the first kore
  • Giulia Rocco Una prothesis tra celebrazione rituale e mito: su due placchette eburnee da Sparta
  • Nassi-Athanasia Malagardis Une katabasis d’Heracles sur un vase du Louvre
  • Annalisa Lo Monaco Recinti nei recinti: temene, phragmata e periboli nei santuari in Grecia
  • Giovanni Marginesu Manutenzione delle “macchine” e manualità dell’architetto nella Grecia antica. Note epigrafiche
  • Giuseppe Rignanese Un capitello ionico nel British Museum. Modelli, forma e contesto
  • Dario Anelli Θεοις λαβε. Appunti per lo studio di una particolare classe di thymiateria di produzione cnidia
  • Benedetta Adembri, Luca Cipriani, Filippo Fantini Prime riflessioni sulla sala ottagonale delle Piccole Terme di Villa Adriana alla luce dei recenti restauri
  • Giuseppe Mazzilli Da Atene a Berlino e viceversa: su un capitello ionico del tipo “Eretteo” presso l’Antikensammlung
  • Paolo Baronio Capitelli corinzi a Kos tra V e VI secolo d.C.
  • Manolis Petrakis More Erechtheian echoes and the Temple of Apollo Patroos
  • Nadia Coutsinas, Marianna Katifori, Konstantinos Roussos, Athanasios Argyriou The settlement patterns of the Praisos region (East Crete) from the Classical to the Venetian periods, as revealed through the SettleInEastCrete program
  • Elisabetta Giorgi Gestire l’acqua, costruire il paesaggio. L’impatto ecologico dell’acquedotto romano-bizantino di Gortina sull’ambiente naturale e l’insediamento umano
  • Carmelo Di Nicuolo Le ricerche di Domenico Valentino Zancani nel territorio di Ialysos (Rodi)


  • Emeri Farinetti Local responses to the Roman impact on the Greek landscape. An introduction
  • Vasilis Evangelidis The impact of Rome on the landscapes of Aegean Thrace: an archaeological approach
  • Sophia Karapanou, Gioacchino Francesco La Torre Skotoussa after the battle of Kynoskephalai (197 BC)
  • Philip Bes, Patrick Monsieur, Jeroen Poblome A rising tide lifts all boats? Republican and Roman Imperial Italian pottery in Boeotia and the Central Greek landscape
  • Kalomira Mataranga Kephallenia: the “mysterious island” of the Ionian Sea between East and West
  • Amedeo Rossi Phaistos and the Western Messara in the Roman Age: the agrarian land-use
  • David Gilman Romano Some considerations of the land between Corinth and Sikyon during the II and I centuries B.C.
  • Yannis Lolos Sikyon during the “interim period” and the Early Roman era: literary tradition and material record
  • Kyriakos Loulakoudis Archeological evidence for wine and oil production in agricultural complexes of Southern Greece in the Roman period
  • Michalis Karambinis Urban developments in Roman Greece: an overview

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