APM – Archeologia Postmedievale, 27, 2023. Contemporary Archaeology, politics of memory and local communities: a tricky mixture? (Genova, November 28th-29th 2022)


Author: Carlos Tejerizo García (ed.), Anna Maria Stagno (ed.)
Year of printing: 2023
ISBN: 9788892852303
e-ISBN: 9788892852310


Contemporary Archaeology, politics of memory and local communities: a tricky mixture? (Genoa, November 28th-29th 2022), edited by Carlos Tejerizo García, Anna Maria Stagno

This special issue is the result of a workshop held at the University of Genoa in November 2022 and organized by the Laboratorio di Archeologia e Storia Ambientale (LASA) in the context of a project devoted to the archaeological transformation of the rural world during the late 19th and the 20th c. In the framework of post-medieval archaeologies, during the last two decades the study of the contemporary era emerged as an original field of research. Among the multiple topics tackled in the archaeological study of the contemporary era, the abovementioned relationship and its consequences for the archeology of the contemporary era seemed a neglected topic and one which, we thought, deserved particular reflection. Moreover, the emotional proximity of the events analyzed by contemporary archeology and its material dimension makes it an ideal arena for a reflection on the process of formation of local identities and historical narratives which may stimulate original debates and heritage concerns. This is, for us, one of the bets of the archaeologies which address this period, that is, that the proximity of time makes it easier to establish a lively dialogue with contemporary society, stressing participation and the public dimension of archaeology. Thus, the fundamental topic developed in the present special issue is the entanglements between the archeology of the contemporary era, the politics of memory they foster and the local communities in which both are contextualized.

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  • Editoriale

1. Contemporary Archaeology, politics of memory and local communities: a tricky mixture? (Genova, November 28th-29th 2022), edited by Carlos Tejerizo García, Anna Maria Stagno

  • Anna Maria Stagno, Carlos Tejerizo García, Introduction: Contemporary archaeology, politics of memory and local communities: A tricky mixture? doi 10.36153/apm2700
  • Nicole Fuenzalida, Prácticas de arqueología colaborativa en torno a los pasados que duelen. Los sitios de memoria de la dictadura chilena doi 10.36153/apm2701
  • Gonzalo Compañy, Beyond terror: contemporary archaeology’s contributions from a research at a site of state terrorism. The case of the clandestine centre of detention “El Pozo” in Rosario (Argentina) doi 10.36153/apm2702
  • Juan Pablo López García, The Materiality of Emotions: Archaeology of the Recent Past in the Sierra de Ávila, Spain doi 10.36153/apm2703
  • Xurxo Ayán Vila, ‘Proudly Alone’: Archaeologists of the Contemporary Past and the ‘Estado Novo’ doi 10.36153/apm2704
  • Rafael de Abreu e Souza, Matheus Mota, Something in my ear made me tremble: Electricity and technological innovations materializing. State terrorism during the 1970s repression in Eastern Brazilian Amazonia doi 10.36153/apm2705
  • Chiara Molinero, La diga del Brugneto: tracce per indagare la temporalità del paesaggio doi 10.36153/apm2706
  • Carlos Tejerizo-García, Towards an archaeology of modernity from a local perspective: A case study from Northwestern Iberia doi 10.36153/apm2707
  • Alessandro Panetta, Questa specie di folkorismo industriale strapaese. La lavorazione dell’esca e la modernizzazione nell’Appennino ligure fra XIX e XX secolo doi 10.36153/apm2708
  • Cristina Incio-del-Río, Somos lo que tiramos: arqueología de la basura en una aldea gallega doi 10.36153/apm2709
  • Marco Milanese, Conclusioni / Conclusion doi 10.36153/apm2710

2. Archeologia postmedievale in italia – Schede Post-medieval archaeology in Italy – Excavation and research reports, a cura di Marco Milanese e Giuseppe Clemente

doi 10.36153/apm2711

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