Archaeology in Africa. Potentials and perspectives on laboratory & fieldwork research


Author: Savino di Lernia (edited by), Marina Gallinaro (edited by)
Year of printing: 2019
ISBN: 9788878149441
e-ISBN: 9788878149458


Africa encompasses a multitude of environments and biomes that require specific scientific strategies - from desktop studies to field research to laboratory analysis - to tackle research questions that may range from the emergence of early humans to the ethnoarchaeological investigation. In several areas, turmoil, social instability and security constraints hamper or limit field activities and long-term funded programs. The kidnapping of German colleagues and the tragic death of two local collaborators in Nigeria urge to rethink our agenda and challenge our view of current research practice. This 1st Workshop on “Archeology in Africa”, organized by Sapienza University of Rome, convened several researches from Italy or Italy-based researchers. The aim was to present and discuss theoretical, methodological and financial problems for Africanist researchers today. In a global perspective, the synergy between research groups is crucial. The need to intensify the national and international cooperation is also an essential step. This book collects a selection of the different perspectives presented to the workshop, mostly focussing from North Africa and East Africa.

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  • Foreword, by Savino di Lernia IX
  1. Introducing the 1st Workshop on “Archaeology in Africa”, Savino di Lernia, Marina Gallinaro
  2. Carpe Diem: building African archaeology in the twenty-first century, Peter Mitchell
  3. Holocene archaeobotany in Africa: not only ‘food and fuel’, Anna Maria Mercuri
  4. Cultural Heritage in Africa – Worldwide perspective and a focus on the Sahara, Barbara E. Barich
  5. Archaeological research in northern Sahara. Thoughts on the experience of a Tunisian-Italian research program (2014-2017) in post-revolutionary Tunisia, Emanuele Cancellieri, Jâafar Ben Nasr
  6. Coastal archaeology of East Cyrenaica between sea and land, Sebastiano Tusa†, Cecilia Albana Buccellato
  7. Ancient mines in pre-roman Maghreb. Present and future of archaeological, geophysical and archaeometric researches, Lorenza-Ilia Manfredi, Abdelilah Dekayir, Yousef Bokbot
  8. The Egyptological research activities of Sapienza University of Rome. From archaeology to topography and beyond, Paola Buzi, Julian Bogdani, Angelo Colonna, Ilaria Rossetti
  9.  Filling the gaps: towards a comprehensive list of archaeological sites in the Kharga Oasis, Egypt’s Western Desert, Corinna Rossi, Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed
  10. Egypt and the East. Flaubertian visions between writing and painting, Ettore Janulardo
  11. Central North Africa and Sardinian connections (end of 9th-8th century BC). The multi-ethnic and multicultural facies of the earliest western Phoenician communities, Michele Guirguis
  12. Ichnology and archaeology in the African record: a complementary approach, Flavio Altamura
  13. New footprints from Laetoli (Tanzania, 3.66 Ma): discovery, analysis, inferences, research project and conservation plans, Marco Cherin, Angelo Barili, Giovanni Boschian, Elgidius B. Ichumbaki, Dawid A. Iurino, Fidelis T. Masao, Sofia Menconero, Jacopo Moggi Cecchi, Susanna Sarmati, Nicola Santopuoli, Giorgio Manzi
  14. The Italian Archaeological School of Carthage, Attilio Mastino (with the contribution of Sergio Ribichini)

Review by Giuseppina Mutri: African Archaeological Review, Volume 38 Issue 2, June 2021

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