Archeologia e Calcolatori, 32.2, 2021


Year of printing: 2021
ISBN: 9788892850668
e-ISBN: 9788892850675


Volume 32.2 is divided into two parts. The first contains a special insert, entitled “From Pottery to Context. Archeology and Virtual Modeling ”and edited by Vincenzo Baldoni. The insert, which collects a total of 11 contributions, is in turn divided into two sections, the first of which (The 'Alma Idea' Numana Project) illustrates the main results of the research project "From the find to the landscape: archaeological analysis and modeling Virtual of the Picene Necropolis of Numana (AN) ", promoted by the University of Bologna, while the second (From Pottery to Context: Methodologies, Practices, Case Studies) explores some research topics of particular relevance in the digital archeology sector. In the second part of the volume, entitled "Archaeological Computing: Selected Papers from the 2020 IMEKO TC-4 MetroArchaeo International Conference" and edited by Alessandra Caravale, the best scientific contributions on archaeological informatics selected by an international scientific committee and awarded during the course are published of the edition of the International Conference Metrology for Archeology and Cultural Heritage promoted in 2020 by the University of Trento

From Pottery to Context. Archaeology and Virtual Modelling, edited by Vincenzo Baldoni

  • Vincenzo Baldoni, Introduction

The ‘Alma Idea’ Numana Project

  • Vincenzo Baldoni, From finds to landscape: archaeological analysis and virtual modelling of the Davanzali necropolis in the Picenian emporion of Numana (AN)
  • Andrea Gaucci, Virtual Archaeology and the study of necropolises as a system: methodology and practice in the case study of Numana (AN), Italy
  • Enrico Zampieri, The Davanzali necropolis of Numana (AN): from the archaeological context to the virtual environment
  • Michele Silani, Reconstructing the funerary landscape: natural environment and topography of the necropolis
  • Simone Garagnani, Quick digitization techniques: the case study of Numana necropolis

From Pottery to Context: Methodologies, Practices, Case Studies

  • Isabelle Algrain, Delphine Tonglet, Studying the shapes of Greek vases: historiography and new methodologies
  • Alessandro Pace, Daniele Bursich, New perspectives on documenting Attic pottery
  • Marta Natalucci, The rediscovery of colors at Kainua-Marzabotto
  • Marta Esposito, Antefixes from Museo Provinciale Campano in Capua. A proposal for a virtual reconstruction
  • Monica Salvadori, Emanuela Faresin, Luca Zamparo, Classical pottery in collection: the MemO Project and the recreation of a ‘context’
  • Emanuele Taccola, Lisa Rosselli, Niccolò Albertini, Marta Martino, Etruscan hypogea in 3D: a proposal for an immersive and interactive visualization of Volterra’s funerary contexts

* * *

Archaeological Computing: Selected Papers from the 2020 imeko tc-4 MetroArchaeo International Conference, edited by Alessandra Caravale

  • Alessandra Caravale, Archaeological Computing and the MetroArchaeo International Conference Award: an introduction
  • Elisa Costa, Carlo Beltrame, 3D modelling from archive and legacy data: preliminary data processing on the Roman shipwreck Grado I
  • Angela Bosco, Laura Carpentiero, Andrea D’Andrea, Eleonora Minucci, Rosario Valentini, Developing an abim system: a new prospective for archaeological data management
  • Emanuele Brienza, Lorenzo Fornaciari, Rome: NE slopes of the Palatine hill. Archaeology of architecture and ancient masonries deep analysis
  • Andrea Tavella, Marika Ciela, Paolo Chistè, Annaluisa Pedrotti, Preliminary studies on the volumetric capacity of ceramic from the Neolithic site of Lugo di Grezzana (VR) through 3D graphics software
  • Enej Guček Puhar, Aleš Jaklič, Franc Solina, Lidija Korat, Miran Erič, Anatomical-morphological analysis of a volumetric 3D model of an archaeological object
  • Andrea Aquino, Stefano Pagnotta, Marco Lezzerini, Elena Pecchioni, Vanni Moggi Cecchi, Stefano Columbu, From minerals to artefacts: the role and challenges of 3D modelling
  • Paolo Triolo, Luciano Marras, Gloria Adinolfi, Rodolfo Carmagnola, Stefano Legnaioli, Simona Raneri, Vincenzo Palleschi, Imaging as a first step for Cultural Heritage and archaeology analyses
  • Sara Mazzocato, Claudia Daffara, Giacomo Marchioro, Alessandra Menegazzi, Optical microprofilometry optimized for surface analysis and 3D printing of archaeological objects
  • Dario Giuffrida, Viviana Mollica Nardo, Rosina Celeste Ponterio, Oreste Adinolfi, Maria Amalia Mastelloni, Testing a mobile laboratory at the Aeolian Museum of Lipari (Messina) for the 3D survey and the chemical characterization of archaeological materials: practice and further developments
  • Devi Taelman, Dimitri Van Limbergen, Fabrizio Antonelli, Architectural and sculptural decoration of Roman central Adriatic Italy: an archaeological and archaeometric approach to region-wide marble trade
  • Salvatore Piro, Daniela Zamuner, Stefania Quilici Gigli, High resolution geophysical surveys to characterise Norba archaeological site (Norma, Central Italy)
  • Giovanni Leucci, Lara De Giorgi, Giovanni Fragalà, Antonino Mazzaglia, Daniele Malfitana, New data about the Cathedral of Catania by geophysical investigations

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