Archeologia e Calcolatori, supplemento 1, 2007. Virtual Museums and Archaeology. The Contribution of the Italian National Research Council


Author: Paola Moscati (edited by)
Year of printing: 2007
ISBN: 9788878143531

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The volume, edited by Paola Moscati, deals with the theme of 'virtual museums', a reality that is born through the dematerialization of the 'museum' object and its representation through various computer techniques that allow not only the virtual reconstruction of the museum in the its objective reality, but also the use in new ways that allow you to obtain information and follow paths that in the traditional museum are difficult or even impossible to have.
The volume, written in English, is aimed at an international audience and reports many of the possibilities offered by information technology and of projects already carried out.

  • P. MOSCATI, Editoriale
  • F. DJINDJIAN, The virtual museum: an introduction
  • F. NICCOLUCCI, Virtual museums and archaeology: an international perspective
  • C. DALLAS, Archaeological knowledge, virtual exhibitions and the social construction of meaning
  • P. MOSCATI, Virtuality and museums. Some suggestions from the Italian National Research Council
  • F. ANTINUCCI, The virtual museum
  • M. FORTE, S. PESCARIN, The virtual museum of landscape
  • S. CHIODI, Iraq Project: the Virtual Museum of Baghdad
  • F. GABELLONE, G. SCARDOZZI, From the object to the territory: image-based technologies and remote sensing for the reconstruction of ancient contexts
  • A. EMILIOZZI, P. MOSCATI, P. SANTORO, The princely cart from Eretum
  • R. SCOPIGNO, P. CIGNONI, C. MONTANI, High quality digital acquisition and virtual presentation of three-dimensional models
  • A. AIELLO, M. MANGO FURNARI, F. PROTO, An ontological interpretation of the ICCD recommendation
  • A. BOZZI, L. CIGNONI, G. FEDELI, Linguistic tools for navigation in a virtual museum
  • O. SIGNORE, Overcoming barriers in virtual museums
  • F. DE FELICE, F. RENNA, C. ATTOLICO, A. DISTANTE, Omero: a multimodal system that improves access to Cultural Heritage by visually impaired people

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