Archeologia e Calcolatori, Supplemento 10, 2018. Progetti digitali per la Storia dell’Arte medievale / Digital Projects in Medieval Art History


Author: Paola Vitolo (Editor)
Year of printing: 2018
ISBN: 9788878148413
e-ISBN: 9788878148420


Through the narration of specific experiences, the essays in this volume help to trace the picture of the current state of research and trends in the world of information technologies applied to the history of medieval art, offering a glimpse of a rapidly growing reality and in continuous transformation. Both the pioneering projects and the more recent ones, completed or still in progress, demonstrate how the sector of studies on the Middle Ages is experiencing a period of great vitality in the context of Digital Humanities. The initiatives collected here, promoted by scholars belonging to universities and research institutes, are representative of various fields and sectors of interest, of different methodological approaches, of communication strategies and applied instrumentation, and allow reflection on the real possibilities of means at the service of art history. Allowing the reader to enter the workshop of collaboration between computer science and historical-artistic sciences, these contributions represent at the same time a wealth of "good practices" to the advantage not only of those engaged in similar enterprises, but also of those who want to undertake new.

  • Paola Vitolo, Introduzione

Banche dati / Databases

  • Caroline Bruzelius, Paola Vitolo, Recovering the architectural patrimony of South Italy: The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database
  • Sébastien Biay, Antoine Courtin, Isabelle Marchesin, L’OMCI – Ontology of Medieval Christianity in Images de l’INHA. Une encyclopédie par l’image
  • Licia Buttà, Maria del Mar Valls Fusté, Sara Sánchez Roig, El archivo digital danaem: Danza y Arte en la larga Edad Media

Ricostruzioni virtuali / Virtual reconstructions

  • Donal Cooper, Firenze scomparsa: le chiese di Santa Chiara e San Pier Maggiore e la loro ricostruzione digitale presso i musei di Londra
  • Caroline Bruzelius, Andrea Giordano, Lucas Giles, Leopoldo Repola, Emanuela De Feo, Andrea Basso, Elisa Castagna, L’eco delle pietre: history, modeling, and GPR as tools in reconstructing the choir screen at Sta. Chiara in Naples

Architettura Medievale: tipologie, funzioni, decorazioni e contesti/ Medieval Architecture: typology, function, decoration and context

  • Patrick J. Geary, Carolingian culture at Reichenau & St. Gall
  • Ute Dercks, Federico Ponchio, Roberto Scopigno, CENOBIUM 10 years after: an evolving platform for Digital Humanities
  • Stephen Murray, Andrew Tallon, Rory O’Neill, Stefaan van Liefferinge, Mapping Gothic
  • Blanca Garí, Gemma T. Colesanti, Maria Soler-Sala, Leopoldo Repola, De Claustra a Paisajes espirituales: proyectos de Digital Humanities sobre el espacio monástico medieval (siglos XI-XV)

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