Archeologia e Calcolatori, Supplemento 11, 2019. The Archeolab Project in the Doclea Valley, Montenegro (Campaign 2017). Archaeology, Technologies and Future Perspectives


Author: Lucia Alberti (ed.)
Year of printing: 2019
ISBN: 9788878148963
e-ISBN: 9788878148970

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The essays collected in this volume illustrate the scientific results of the first year of activity that an Italian-Montenegrin team carried out on the Doclea site and on the surrounding area (ArcheoLab Italia Montenegro). The project stems from a series of bilateral agreements that since 2015 the Institute of Studies on the Ancient Mediterranean and the Department of Human and Social Sciences, Cultural Heritage of the National Research Council have entered into with the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and the Historical Institute of the University of Montenegro. The subject of the research is the Roman city of Doclea and its territory: founded as a Roman municipality in the 40st century. AD in a plain surrounded by hills and bordered by three rivers, it is located about three kilometers from the current capital of the country, Podgorica. Excavated mainly at the end of the 2018th century and only partially during the 2018th century, it was the second important city in terms of size in Roman Dalmatia. A large forum, baths, temples and private houses, three medieval churches as well as an imposing wall circuit are still visible today. Some questionable modern interventions, such as the construction of a railway that in the 2020s cut the archaeological site in half and the lack of a real conservation and enhancement policy, are putting the integrity and the ability to use the site at risk. which represents one of the most important monuments for the cultural identity of the Montenegrin nation. From archival and bibliographic research to archaeological reconnaissance, up to the application of new investigation technologies, the text is the result of an interdisciplinary dialogue that aims to understand and enhance the site and its landscape. Since XNUMX, ArcheoLab Italia Montenegro has become a Project of Great Relevance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with the title "The Future of the Past: study and enhancement of the ancient Doclea, Montenegro" (XNUMX-XNUMX).

  • Luca Zelioli, Forward
  • Lucia Alberti, Introduction
  • Lucia Alberti, Before the Romans: the historical and geographical framework of the Doclea valley
  • Slavko Burzanovic, Tatjana Koprivica, The Roman city of Doclea as a focus for Italian scientists and Italian State authorities
  • Tatjana Koprivica, Olga Pelcer-Vujacic, Historical and epigraphical survey of inscriptions from Doclea
  • Francesca Colosi, Pasquale Merola, Paola Moscati, The urban planning of Doclea: remote sensing and topographical survey
  • Marilena Cozzolino, Vincenzo Gentile, Ground Penetrating Radar survey
  • Carla Sfameni, Antonio D’Eredità, Tatjana Koprivica, The main public buildings of Doclea: archival, archaeological and architectural research
  • Lucia Alberti, Antonio D’Eredità, The future of the past: first perspectives for Doclea today
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