Archeologia e storia dei Paesaggi senesi Territorio, risorse, commerci tra Età romana e Medioevo


Author: Stefano Bertoldi, Manuele Putti, Edoardo Vanni
Year of printing: 2019
ISBN: 9788878149373
e-ISBN: 9788878149380




This book tells, through different approaches, the evolution of the market and subsistence economies of the Province of Siena, focusing attention in particular during the first millennium after Christ, but which in some respects also continues to the Late Middle Ages and 'Modern Age. The study is based on the settlement systems, from the Roman Age to the Early Middle Ages, which affected the provincial territory, with particular reference to the application of the so-called Tuscan Model; on the role of land roads and waterways and their evolution in the aforementioned chronology; on the commercial and productive systems of ceramics, adopting a network analysis; on the methods, practices and early medieval agricultural techniques in the Val di Merse; on the exploitation of the soil in some sample contexts from the hinterland to the coast; on the flow of flocks and men from the Apennines to the flat and climatically mild areas of the province of Grosseto. The multi-scalar approach based on diversified sources is the glue of this study, which aims to build a model of integrated economies in a territory, such as the Province of Siena, characterized by complex dynamics but with a "high rate of Archaeological Research ".


Introduzione e storia degli studi, di Marco Valenti, Franco Cambi

  • Teoria e metodi, di Stefano Bertoldi, Manuele Putti, Edoardo Vanni
  • L’insediamento in Provincia di Siena (secoli I-X d.C.), di Stefano Bertoldi
  • Analisi GIS sulla viabilità terrestre e fluviale, di Stefano Bertoldi
  • Rapporti tra infrastrutture, insediamenti, produzioni e commerci, di Stefano Bertoldi
  • Paesaggi e produzioni agricole nell’alto Medioevo, di Manuele Putti
  • Sistemi agro-silvo-pastorali nella Toscana meridionale. Tra archeologia e trasformazioni ambientali del paesaggio, di Edoardo Vanni
  • Analisi spaziali e territoriali nella media valle dell’Ombrone, di Manuele Putti
  • Conclusioni, di Stefano Bertoldi, Manuele Putti, Edoardo Vanni


Reviews on Medieval Archeology, December 64.2 (2020), by Neil J. Christie

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