Archeologia subacquea – Come opera l’archeologo sott’acqua. Storie dalle acque. VIII Ciclo di Lezioni sulla Ricerca applicata in Archeologia (Certosa di Pontignano 1996)


Author: Giuliano Volpe (Eds)
Year of printing: 1998
ISBN: 9788878141339


The volume reports the interventions of the VIII Cycle of Lessons organized by the University of Siena on Applied Research in Archeology. The texts are able to summarize the complexity of underwater archeology, the breadth and articulation of themes and problems addressed, the variability of the environments and contexts in which the research takes place, in fact unified only by the single common denominator constituted from the water. So not only submarine archeology, but tout court underwater archeology, of rivers, lakes, submerged settlements, ports, archeology and naval architecture, etc .; all with a broad chronological spectrum, from prehistory to the modern age. The sections in which the volume is divided allow to deepen on the one hand the situation on the foundations and the state of the discipline, the deepening of its theoretical status and the analysis of the procedures, methodologies and techniques used, on the other hand the analysis of the historical use of the data acquired during archaeological research, and finally the legislative and technical-bureaucratic aspects.

VIII Cycle of Lessons on Applied Research in Archeology (Certosa di Pontignano 1996)


SEZIONE I. Come opera l’archeologo sott’acqua

  • E. Tortorici, Lo scavo subacqueo
  • F. Faccenna, E. Felici, Documentare sott’acqua
  • C. Beltrame, Processi formativi del relitto in ambiente marino mediterraneo
  • J. Collina-Girard, Archéologie sous-marine et art Paléolithique: la grotte Cosquer (Marseille, France)
  • L. Fozzati, C. Arenoso, M. D’Agostino, Archeologia delle acque nella Laguna di Venezia
  • A. Raban, Sebastos, the royal harbour of Herod at Caesarea Maritima: 20 years of underwater research
  • E. Felici, La ricerca sui porti romani in cementizio: metodi e obiettivi
  • L. Long, L’archéologie sous-marine à grande profondeur: fiction ou réalité
  • M. L’Hour, E. Veyrat, De l’étude archéologique appliquee aux sites d’époque moderne: l’exemple des epaves de la Hougue
  • J. Gawronski, The underwater heritage of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). Aspects of historic-archaeological studies of VOC-shipwrecks
  • F. Guibal, P. Pomey, Dendrochronologie et dendromorphologie

SEZIONE II. Storie dalle acque

  • P. Janni, Il mare degli Antichi: tecniche e strumenti di navigazione
  • M. Gras, Archeologia subacquea e commerci in età arcaica
  • J.-P. Morel, Le commerce à l’époque hellénistique et romaine et les enseignements des épaves
  • C. Panella, Anfore e archeologia subacquea
  • G. Volpe, Archeologia subacquea e commerci in età tardoantica

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