Archeologia Urbana a Borgo Terra. Muro Leccese – I


Author: Paul Arthur (edited by), Brunella Bruno (edited by), Stefania Alfarano (edited by)
Year of printing: 2017
ISBN: 9788878147737
e-ISBN: 9788878147744


Neil Christie's review in: Medieval Archeology, volume 62.1 (2018), p. 207

The work presented in this volume is the result of a project born in 1999 which, through various interventions carried out mainly in the first decade of this century, with research still in progress, has been active for more than 15 years, whose motivations and history are told in section 1. The current volume is intended as the first of a series that will gradually present the various data and reflections of a group of scholars over the years. Unfortunately, it was not possible to present everything in this publication, nor to employ a strict logic in the order of presentation of the planned contributions, because not all the studies have been completed yet.


Presentazione, Sauro Gelichi
Prefazione, Antonio De Pascali
Premessa, Paul Arthur, Brunella Bruno

1. Oltre un decennio di Archeologia Urbana a Borgo Terra, Muro Leccese, Paul Arthur

2. La Periodizzazione, Paul Arthur, Brunella Bruno

3. Lo scavo della terra, Brunella Bruno

4. La valutazione archeologica della terra, Stefania Alfarano

5. Prima del Medioevo

5.1 L’abitato iapigio e la città messapica – Introduzione, Liliana Giardino, Francesco Meo

5.1.1 L’età del Ferro (metà VIII-metà VI secolo a.C.), Francesco Meo

5.1.2 L’età messapica (seconda metà VI-metà III secolo a.C.), Liliana Giardino

5.2 L’età romana, Carlo De Mitri

6. La ceramica

6.1 Ceramica dell’età del Ferro, Francesco Meo

6.2 Ceramica di età messapica, Francesco Meo

6.3 Ceramica romana, Carlo De Mitri

6.4 Ceramica medievale e post-medievale, Patricia Caprino

7. Gli spazi sacri a Borgo Terra nel tardo Medioevo, Brunella Bruno

8. Le analisi antropologiche, Giorgia Tulumello

9. La fauna, Claudia Abatino, Jacopo De Grossi Mazzorin

10. Archeobotanica a Borgo Terra, Milena Primavera


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