ArcheoLogica Data, 3, 2023


Year of printing: 2023
ISBN: 9788892851832
e-ISBN: 9788892851849


ArcheoLogica Data wants to reach an Italian and international audience of scholars, professionals, students, and, more generally, early-career archaeologists, and it accepts contributions written both in Italian and English.
ArcheoLogica Data proposes to indissolubly associate data and interpretation.
It embraces that global idea of ​​archaeological data that integrates all the discipline declinations without any thematic or chronological constraints.
Data is at the center, and around lies everything that can stem from it: interpretations, hypotheses, reconstructions, applications, theoretical and methodological reflections, critical ideas, constructive discussions.

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  • Lorenza La Rosa
    Verso la ceramica… e oltre! Note introduttive per uno studio ecologico e integrato dei reperti ceramici
    To the ceramics… and beyond! Introductory notes for an ecological and integrated study of pottery finds
    DOI 10.13131/unipi/xamb-e277

  • Marta Doglio, Valentina Orsi
    Un servito da tavola con cervi e stambecchi. La ceramica in stile Alişar IV dal sito di Uşaklı Höyük, in Anatolia centrale
    DOI 10.13131/unipi/yq02-xe12

  • Dominik Hagmann, Kristina Klein, Alarich Langendorf
    Do you like our sherd? – Digital medium-cost artifact processing of a carrot amphora from the auxiliary camp of Augustianis/Traismauer in Roman northern Noricum (Austria) by using ‘synthetic material culture’
    DOI 10.13131/unipi/smn2-sp75

  • Massimiliano Puntin
    Un database per gli impasti ceramici: connessioni tra tabelle, laterizi, analisi autoptiche e archeometriche
    DOI 10.13131/unipi/h8rb-0055

  • Flavio Bacci, Simona Raneri
    Artisans, moulds and architectural terracottas from Populonia (Tuscany): new insights from archaeometric investigations
    DOI 10.13131/unipi/ms1n-n612

  • Eleonora Odelli
    OpenFabric ceramic database: an overview
    DOI 10.13131/unipi/dgzm-ym38

  • Giovanna Lombardo, Natalia M. Vinogradova
    La ceramica come elemento del corredo funerario nelle necropoli di Farkhor, Gelot e Darnaichi nel Tajikistan meridionale (2800/2700-2300 a.C.)
    DOI 10.13131/unipi/e1zj-4a60

  • Enrico Giannitrapani
    Calib_Sicily: a new radiocarbon dataset for prehistoric Sicily. Spatiotemporal dynamics from ca. 6.500 to 1.500 cal. BCe
    DOI 10.13131/unipi/9jjf-np71

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