Aspetti premonetali e monetali nell’Emilia centrale: aes signatum e moneta greca da Castelfranco Emilia


Author: Diana Neri (Editor)
Year of printing: 1998
ISBN: 9788878141438


With a contribution by Livio Follo, introduction by Luigi Malnati.

The term 'aes signatum' defines the copper ingots present throughout Italy between the 99th and XNUMXth centuries BC, obtained by melting in a bivalve matrix, weighing between half and two kilograms, and generally bearing a mark, the more ancient a kind of dry branch. Of the numerous storerooms of aes signatum found in Emilia - the region where they are most frequently found - the richest, with XNUMX pieces recovered, is certainly that of Castelfranco Emilia which opens up new horizons for research on the political-economic structure of the territory Iron Age. Diana Neri's volume provides a specific contribution by addressing the publication of two very particular discoveries, already known but never published in an exhaustive way. The storage room of breads aes signatum and ingots of the Cappella farm - the richest of the kind known to date - is published in its entirety and is accompanied by a series of technical considerations, supported by laboratory analyzes entrusted to Livio Follo, which invite you to consider this production in a precise historical-cultural context, that of Emilia in the sixth and fifth centuries BC. The monetary closet of the Pradella farm, dated to the end of the third century, opens an important glimpse into a period for which the data of the Modena area are still too scarce to make realistic proposals for historical reconstruction. Diana Neri extends her research to other findings made in Castelfranco Emilia and above all to that hoard of Greek bronze coins, datable between the XNUMXth and XNUMXrd centuries. BC, probable indications of a sanctuary frequented until the eve of Romanization, to be located in relation to local springs and running waters between the Pradella and Prato dei Monti farms.

Profile of the volume edited by Carla Conti
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I. Brevi cenni di storia economica

II. I ritrovamenti
1. Anno 1897, Podere Cappella (Frazione di Riolo)
2. Anno 1970, ‘Pradella vecchia’ (Castelfranco Emilia)

III. L’aes signatum nel quadro dei mezzi di scambio premonetali
1. documentazione dei rinvenimenti

IV. Alcuni dati sulle presenze monetali preromane in Emilia
1. Documentazione dei rinvenimenti di moneta greca in Emilia Romagna

V. Analisi dei lingotti
1. Proposta di classificazione dei lingotti
2. Classificazione tipologica (con esponenziali)
3. Elaborazione grafica (a cura di Tiziano Ceconi e Mauro Mazza)

VI. Archeometria dei lingotti: alcuni aspetti analitici (di M. Follo)

VII. Conclusioni

1. Premessa

2. Aes signatum

Le monete

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