Bollettino dell’Associazione Iasos di Caria, 26, 2020


Year of printing: 2020
ISBN: 9788892850200
e-ISBN: 9788892850217


Bulletin of the Iasos Association of Caria.

In large part, the studies collected in the number 26/2020 of the Bulletin of the Iasos di Caria Association are aimed at clay production. The file, which opens with the report of the presence in Iasos of a typical "wind power" artifact (F. Berti, A Clazomenae-type sarcophagus in Iasos), continues with a group of Attic fragments for various reasons not taken into consideration by F. Curti and A. Parrini in their recent volume Iasos. Attic pottery with red figures (F. Curti, Attic gleanings) and with some examples of jug, singular for the conformation of the neck and dated in Labraunda starting from the second quarter of the fourth century BC, whose diffusion is expected in the framework of the complex category of gray ceramics (V. Lungu, Cruches à col annelé de Labraunda et Iassos). Delrieux enters into the merits of the intricate question of the iasio "calendar" thanks to an A and a B (letters / numerals?) On the reverse of some XNUMXrd-XNUMXnd century BC coins (The datation des monnaies de bronze d'Iasos à l'époque hellénistique. La découverte d'une ère nouvelle?). With A lamp--thymiaterion from the district south of the theater of Iasos D. Anelli dwells on the domestic cults attested in Iasos in the imperial age and beyond. C. Franco retraces the brief human and political season of Agrippa Postumo, whose priesthood is assumed in Iasos by members of theelite small town (Agrippa Posthumus in Iasos: revisiting an inscription). There are two volumes reviewed: Studies on aeolian Kyme VI, edited by A. La Marca (by F. Berti and C. Franco) e Hadrianopolis IV. Early Byzantine Mosaics and Frescoes from Northwestern Central Turkey by E. Laflı and S. Patacı (by D. Peirano). M. Manara remembers Maria Chiara Luciani, who was editor-in-chief of the Bulletin from 2003 to 2019. Il News bulletin, as usual, it is edited by D. Baldoni.

  • Un sarcofago tipo Clazomenae a Iasos, di Fede Berti
  • Spigolature attiche, di Francesca Curti
  • Cruches à col annelé de Labraunda et Iasos, di Vasilica Lungu
  • La datation des monnaies de bronze d’Iasos à l’époque hellénistique. La découverte d’une ère nouvelle ?
    di Fabrice Delrieux
  • Una lucerna-thymiaterion dal quartiere a sud del teatro di Iasos, di Dario Anelli
  • Agrippa Postumo a Iasos: rivisitando un’iscrizione, di Carlo Franco
  • Recensione: Studi su Kyme eolica VI/Aiolis Kyme’si Çalışmaları VI, a cura di Antonio La Marca, Fede Berti e Carlo Franco
  • Recensione: E. Lafli, S. Pataci, Hadrianopolis IV, Early Byzantine Mosaics and Frescoes from Northwestern Central Turkey, Diego Peirano
  • Ciao Chiara, di Maurizia Manara
  • Notiziario, a cura di Daniela Baldoni

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26, Bollettino dell'Associazione Iasos di Caria

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