Bollettino dell’Associazione Iasos di Caria, 27, 2021


Year of printing: 2021
ISBN: 9788892850682
e-ISBN: 9788892850699


Bulletin of the Iasos Association of Caria.

The file opens with materials from the archaic period: clay statuettes from the XNUMXth-XNUMXth century BC from the sanctuary of Artemis Kindyas, a local production open to influences from Cyprus, Rhodes, Samos (O. Mariaud, Terres cuites archaïques de Caries. An aperçu (1ère partie); a cup from the middle of the XNUMXth century BC (M. Landolfi, Atalanta and Peleo in Iasos on an unpublished fragment of band little master cup?); graphemes perhaps belonging to the carian alphabet (F. Berti, Iasos, nos. inv. 5896, 7094 (and 5785): a card and a question). We then enter later (and definitely late) ages with Keys e closing systems in Iasos (V. Kabiale), Les monnaies provinciales romaines d'Iasos en Carie. Réflexions sur la datation des exemplaires sans portrait impérial (F. Delrieux), A preserved Ionic tax capital in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum (D. Peirano), Iasos Islami Donem Sikkeleri / Iasos. Coins from the Islamic Period (M. Sevim). Molinari and P. Nanni present the 3D elaboration of the “Acropolis Castle” of Iasos. The Bibliographic Review (F. Berti) is followed by a Review (F. Muscolino: Iassos. Attic red-figure pottery, by F. Curti and A. Parrini, with contributions by F. Berti, R. Fabiani, B. Schmaltz, volume published by Giorgio Bretschneider in 2020) and the Memory of Luigi Leurini (P. Mureddu).

  • Terres cuites archaïques de Carie. Un aperçu [1ère partie], di Olivier Mariaud
  • Atalanta e Peleo a Iasos su un inedito frammento di band little master cup?, di Maurizio Landolfi
  • Iasos, nn. inv. 5896, 7094 (e 5785): una scheda e una domanda, di Fede Berti
  • Chiavi e sistemi di chiusura a Iasos, di Valentina Cabiale
  • Les monnaies provinciales romaines d’Iasos en Carie. Réflexions sur la datation des exemplaires sans portrait impérial, di Fabrice Delrieux
  • Un capitello ionico d’imposta conservato nel Museo Archeologico di Istanbul, di Diego Peirano
  • Iasos İslamİ Dönem Sİkkelerİ / Iasos. Coins from the Islamic Period, di Mehmet Sevim
  • Elaborazione in 3D del “castello dell’acropoli” di Iasos, di Maurizio Molinari e Paolo Nanni
  • Rassegna bibliografica, di Fede Berti
  • Recensione: F. Curti, A. Parrini, Iasos. Ceramica attica a figure rosse, di Francesco Muscolino
  • Ricordo di Luigi Leurini, di Patrizia Mureddu

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27, Bollettino dell'Associazione Iasos di Caria

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