Bollettino dell’Associazione Iasos di Caria, 28, 2022


Year of printing: 2022
ISBN: 9788892851511
e-ISBN: 9788892851528


Bulletin of the Iasos Association of Caria.

Issue 28/2022 of the Bulletin of the Iasos Association of Caria opens a new group of materials from the Archaic period (coroplasty prevails) from the sanctuary of Artemis Kindyas in Caria (O. Mariaud). Following are some iasei finds that in various ways recall Poseidon (F. Berti), disparate forms of "kitchen" pottery used in the IV-III century BC and not only in Labraunda (V. Lungu), two commercial amphorae registered in circulation between 2021th and XNUMXth century AD (E. Cirelli), the cipollino iasio marble in its (even late) pictorial imitations (D. Peirano), the frequentation and work relationship that Louis Robert had with Caria and with Iasos (F. Delrieux ). S. Angiolillo reviews the volume Mylasa Uzunyuva Hekatomneion'u / Uzunyuva Hekatomneion in Mylasa (Istanbul XNUMX); M. Bettelli and M. Del Freo remember Lucia Vagnetti one year after her death. The issue ends with the Newsletter (D. Baldoni).

  • Terres cuites archaïques de Carie. Un aperçu (2nde partie), di Olivier Mariaud
  • Su alcuni piatti da pesce miniaturistici e un pinax, di Fede Berti
  •  Labraunda et ses alentours. Miscellanea culinaria (I), di Vasilica Lungu
  • Note su alcune anfore con iscrizioni graffite da Iasos, di Enrico Cirelli
  • Il marmo Cipollino iasio e le sue imitazioni, di Diego Peirano
  •  Louis Robert et Iasos en Carie. Un “vieux Mylasien” en son autre patrie, di Fabrice Delrieux
  • Recensione: A. Diler (ed.), Uzunyuva Hekatomneion in Mylasa, di Simonetta Angiolillo
  • Ricordo di Lucia Vagnetti, di Marco Bettelli e Maurizio Del Freo
  • Notiziario, a cura di Daniela Baldoni

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