Bollettino dell’Associazione Iasos di Caria, 29, 2023


Year of printing: 2023
ISBN: 9788892852433
e-ISBN: 9788892852440


Bulletin of the Iasos Association of Caria.

In the no. 29/2023 of the Bulletin of the Iasos Association of Caria, Alessandra Parrini (Back on the Iasos feeders), in light of the literary and artistic testimonies on breastfeeding in the classical age, returns to the two examples of Attic feeders found in the urban context. Marius C. Streinu (Gladiators in Caria. A brief owerviev) collects the documentation of Aphrodisias, Halicarnassos, Iasos, Mylasa and Stratonikeia on secutores, retiarii, provocateurs, murmillones, thraeces, essedarii, venatores (44 between inscriptions and reliefs). For Giulia Marsili (The lapidary workshop in Balik Pazari of Iasos: archaeological and epigraphic observations) the cruciform signs and acronyms on some of the blocks of Iassen marble veined reflect the cultural and religious horizon of those who worked them and steps in the manufacturing process. Maria Teresa Lachin (La fabula of Prometheus to Tyana of Cappadocia). Cenk Berkant writes of the intense activity carried out in Smyrna between 1851 and 1854 by Luigi Storari and of the edition, in 1857, of his "Guide with historical notes of Smyrna" (An engineer and exile from Ferrara in Smyrna: Luigi Storari: 1821-1894). Tiziano Dorandi reviews Marco Pelucchi's volume published in 2022 Cherilo of Iasos. Testimonies, fragments, luck. One year after their passing, Giampaolo Graziadio and Luigi Donati remember Mario Benzi and Maurizio Michelucci.

  • Di nuovo sui feeders di Iasos, Alessandra Parrini
  • Gladiators in Caria. A brief owerviev, Marius C. Streinu
  • L’officina lapidaria nel Balik Pazari di Iasos: osservazioni archeologiche ed epigrafiche, Giulia Marsili
  • La fabula di Prometeo a Tyana di Cappadocia, Maria Teresa Lachin
  • Un ingegnere ed esule ferrarese a Smirne: Luigi Storari (1821-1894), Cenk Berkant
  • Recensione: M. Pellucchi, Cherilo di Iaso. Testimonianze, frammenti, fortuna, Tiziano Dorandi
  • Un ricordo di Mario Benzi (Milano 28/3/1942-La Spezia 29/8/2022) Giampaolo Graziadio
  • In ricordo di Maurizio Michelucci, Luigi Donati

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