Caratteri Costruttivi dell’edilizia storica


Author: Tiziano Mannoni
Year of printing: 2021
ISBN: 9788892850385


New edition - Twenty-five years of global archeology is a collection of publications that the author has produced, often in collaboration with other researchers, in the context ofIstituto di Storia della Cultura Materiale (ISCUM), of the Department of Earth Science and of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Genoa.

The works were selected and grouped on the basis of the following themes: 1) Archeology of urban planning; 2) Abandoned settlements; 3) Construction features of historic buildings; 4) Archeology of production techniques; 5) Archaeometry. The division into five main themes was necessary for editorial reasons, also taking into account the didactic groupings. This does not mean that one of the purposes of the collection is also an invitation to observe the artifacts and to think simultaneously with different disciplines, without falling into the dangers of wholeness. In fact, if the independence of each discipline is necessary, due to the specialization and rigor that requires the use of different research tools, it is also useful for global archeology to be able to use many tools to overcome frequent doubts, and to broaden knowledge. objective. The author recalls that he felt an invitation to this effect when he entered the International Institute of Ligurian Studies in 1956, where they cooperated: historical topography and archeology, toponymy, analysis of monuments, stratigraphic excavation and sciences of ancient environments. Global archeology therefore does not mean: the archaeologist arrives in a territory and takes away all the movable objects of the past that still exist in it, to put them in a museum or in a state warehouse. Rather, it means: the archaeologist explores the surface of the territory step by step, and everything that is still built of it; records all physical information, spoken and written; does the appropriate prospecting and archaeometric analyzes; and, when he has a fairly reliable general picture, he decides the minimum of excavations necessary to complete the objective history of that territory. This is because certain information from the past is preserved only in the stratified deposits of the subsoil.

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