C’era una volta. La ceramica medievale nel convento del Carmine a Siena


Author: Riccardo Francovich (edited by), Marco Valenti (Eds)
Year of printing: 2002


The CD-ROM presents, in multimedia form, the itinerary of the exhibition hosted in the Santa Maria della Scala museum complex and concerning the recovery of over four hundred entire ceramic artefacts, dating back to the first half of the fourteenth century, used as a filling of a vault of the convent of the Carmine in Siena. The filling was mainly composed of ceramics alternating with jets of earth and the materials used presumably came from the numerous workshops of artisans present in this area in the fourteenth century. The artifacts were intended to fill the space between the vault and the walls of the rooms it supported; at the same time they were light enough not to put too much weight on them. The entire recovery has undergone restoration and is a significant opportunity to fully grasp the numerous aspects of the organization of daily life in Siena in the fourteenth century. The exhibition, curated by Riccardo Francovich and Marco Valenti of the Medieval Archeology Area of ​​the University of Siena, involved the LIAAM (Laboratory of Informatics Applied to Medieval Archeology), numerous specialists in the fields of archeometry, paleobotanical analysis , archaeozoological, etc.

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