Ceramiche con coperture vetrificate usate come ‘bacini’. Importazioni a Pisa e in altri centri della Toscana tra fine X e XIII secolo


Author: Graziella Berti, Marcella Giorgio
Year of printing: 2010
ISBNs: 9788878145016


The volume constitutes an update and an integration of the previous contributions of Graziella Berti on the ceramic basins of Pisa and the surrounding areas and on the production and import of these products. The volume is divided into two chapters; the first shows the data obtained from the autopsy examination of the ceramics and the second presents the classification of the basins examined by period and place of discovery and place of production integrated by an analysis of the coatings and decorations of the specimens not produced locally . For the understanding of the text, the graphs and tables that provide a summary of all the information and the attached DVD which contains a rich unpublished photographic documentation, collected starting from the seventies-eighties of the last century during the removal of the basins from the buildings both in Pisa and in neighboring areas and allows, through an easy navigation method, the rapid retrieval of all information (from the image of the find, to its initial placement, to comparisons with similar products of the place of production).


Presentazioni, di Sauro Gelichi, Mariagiulia Burresi


1. Alcuni dati fondamentali emersi dalla ricerca

2. Le ceramiche usate come “bacini” Zone di provenienza delle ceramiche importate a Pisa
2.1 SI. = Prodotti della Sicilia islamica (ultimo quarto X-primo quarto XII secolo)
2.2 TN = Prodotti della Tunisia – Ifriqiya (ultimo quarto X-metà XIII secolo)
2.3 E = Prodotti della Penisola Iberica – Al-Andalus e Baleari (ultimo quarto X-metà XIII secolo)
2.4 ET = Prodotti islamici dell’Egitto (ultimo quarto X-primo quarto XII secolo)
2.5 V.O. = Prodotti del Vicino Oriente islamico (ultimo quarto XII-primi decenni XIII secolo)
2.6 Biz. = Prodotti ingobbiati e invetriati di aree bizantine (primo quarto XII-inizio XIII secolo)
2.7 Ceramiche di centri italiani


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