Due storie, una valle. La transizione Antichità-Medioevo nell’Alta Valle del Tagliamento attraverso l’archeologia

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Author: Sauro Gelichi (edited by), Silvia Cadamuro (edited by), Alessandra Cianciosi (edited by)
Year of printing: 2022
ISBN: 9788892850347
e-ISBN: 9788892850354


This volume contains the edition of two excavations conducted by the teaching of Medieval Archeology at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice as part of the Alta Valle del Tagliamento project, begun in 2004 and concluded in 2011. The text will explain the reasons and purpose and context of relationships (including personal ones) that were at the origin. In 2008, therefore, only four years after the beginning of the research in this area, the first of the volumes we had in mind to write about our research (the book relating to the excavations in the Sacuidic castle) was published. This second volume, on the other hand, comes out several years after the first, also due to the fact that, in 2011, the project was interrupted, above all due to the difficulty in finding funds for research. In any case, the excavations that had engaged us the most, after the original interest in Sacuidic, could be considered substantially concluded (to the extent that each excavation can really be said to be concluded) or in any case had already produced enough material to allow us to offer a good interpretative synthesis. This book finds its first internal coherence on the fact that the contexts that are published date between late Antiquity and the early early Middle Ages: archaeological evidence, that is, which tell of a past of this territory until today almost completely ignored. Two testimonies, however (and we have written it several times), have a very different documentary weight because, although chronologically close, one illustrates the conjuncture (Cuol di Ciastel) the other a long-lasting history (Andrazza). Therefore, they contain different meanings that can be used in the reconstruction of the settlements of the population of this valley (but, one could also add, of the Alpine valleys as a whole, to the extent that this territory, even with all its peculiarities, still represents a space geographic and socio-anthropological generalizable): a late Roman castle, expression of a central power, functional to specific political-military dynamics of the late empire and a necropolis of a local community that faces history towards the end of the sixth century and that , most likely, it represents "in a nutshell" the generating cell of the future communities of this portion of the valley (Sauro Gelichi)


Presentazioni, di Sauro Gelichi, Martina Tonello, Marco Lenna, Roberto Micheli, Simonetta Bonomi

  • 1. Archeologia nell’alta Valle del Tagliamento (2004-2011): il progetto, le ricerche, i risultati, Sauro Gelichi
  • 2. Cuol di Ciastiel
  • 2.1 Le indagini archeologiche 2006-2011, Alessandra Cianciosi
  • 2.2 La ceramica da Cuol di Ciastiel, Silvia Cadamuro
  • 2.3 I vetri da Cuol di Ciastiel, Clelia De Negri
  • 2.4 i metalli da Cuol di Ciastiel, Alessandra Cianciosi
  • 2.5 Le monete nel loro contesto archeologico: assenze e presenze, Bruno Callegher
  • 2.6 Resti antracologici e carpologici di Cuol di Ciastiel, Alessandra Forti
  • 2.7 Le malte da Cuol di Ciastiel, Michele Secco
  • 3. La riscoperta di una necropoli: Andrazza di Forni di Sopra (UD)
  • 3.1 Le fonti storiche sulla necropoli di Andrazza, Alessandra Cianciosi
  • 3.2 Le indagini archeologiche 2007-2011, Fiorella Bestetti, Alessandra Cianciosi
  • 3.3 I dati tafonomici come indicatori archeologici, Fiorella Bestetti
  • 3.4 Conclusioni, Alessandra Cianciosi
  • 3.5 Note generali allo studio antropologico, Francesca Bertoldi, Piera Allegra Rasia
  • 3.6 Catalogo e analisi delle singole sepolture, Francesca Bertoldi, Silvia Cadamuro, Alessandra Cianciosi, Piera Allegra Rasia
  • 4. Due (tre) storie, una valle: Cuol di Ciastiel e Andrazza nell’ambito del popolamento alpino, Sauro Gelichi

Review on Medieval Archaeology 67.2

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