Tecniche costruttive e cicli edilizi tra VI e IX secolo, fra Oriente e Occidente. Atti del Seminario (Padova, 25 ottobre 2013)


Author: Gian Pietro Brogiolo (Editor)
Year of printing: 2014
ISBN: 9788878146723


Extract from number XVIII of the journal «Archeologia dell’Architettura».

The proceedings of the Padua seminar (25 October 2013), dedicated to "Construction techniques and building cycles between the sixth and ninth centuries" are published. The reports concern three key geographical areas in the historiographical debate: some regions of the Middle East, where a continuity, in the Byzantine and Islamic ages, of the masonry technique in square work is ascertained; the Iberian Peninsula, for which two antithetical positions are compared between those who consider it developed already in the Visigothic era and with a Byzantine influence and those who connect it to the arrival of the Arabs in the XNUMXth century; France, where works in quarry stone are very rare and of controversial dating; finally Italy, where the comparison is between the Byzantine territories, in particular Rome and Sardinia, and the Longobard ones of Northern Italy where the square work appears only with the Romanesque. The picture that emerges is very varied and still open, which requires further research both on specific case studies, such as those presented here of the crypts of the patriarchal basilicas of Aquileia and Venice or on San Michele Arcangelo in Perugia, and for regional syntheses. in geographical areas, such as the Mediterranean coasts of Africa, not considered here.

  • J.-C. Bessac, Techniques classiques de construction et de décor architectural en pierre de taille entre Orient et Occident (VIe-IXe siècle): abandon ou perte?
  • P. Gilento, R. Parenti, Modelli edilizi e tecniche costruttive tra Tardoantico ed Età islamica in area siro-giordana
  • G.P. Brogiolo, Architetture di qualità tra VI e IX secolo in Italia settentrionale
  • S. Zanetto, Le cripte delle basiliche patriarcali di Aquileia e di Venezia: IX o XI secolo?
  • D. Esposito, Il cantiere e le opere murarie in Roma fra Tardoantico e alto Medioevo
  • P. Vitti, Tradizione romana e tradizione bizantina nelle tecniche costruttive delle volte fra V e VI secolo: il caso delle Mura Aureliane
  • S. Borghini, Murature giustinianee in Italia centrale: il caso perugino del San Michele Arcangelo
  • L. Caballero Zoreda, M. de los Ángeles Utrero Agudo, El ciclo constructivo de la alta Edad Media hispánica. Siglos VIII-X
  • J. Sarabia Bautista, El ciclo edilicio en la arquitectura tardoantigua y altomedieval del sureste de Hispania: los casos de Valentia, Eio y Carthago Spartaria

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