Gli spazi dell’archeologia rurale. Risorse ambientali e insediamenti nell’Appennino ligure tra XV e XXI secolo


Author: Anna Pond
Year of printing: 2018
ISBN: 9788878148635
e-ISBN: 9788878148642


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What contribution can archeology make to the reconstruction of environmental resource management systems? And how does the reconstruction of settlement structures and material culture change with such an approach? In this book, the author answers these questions by testing the working tools of archeology and its source construction procedures (excavation archeology, historical building archeology, surface archeology). The volume explicitly addresses the problem of the relationship between archeology and history and between archeology and geographic and environmental or naturalistic research. The goal is the definition of new analytical spaces with the construction of larger documentary series. The book reconstructs the theoretical and methodological coordinates of archaeological research on rural spaces, starting from discussions on the history of material culture and the geography of population, and through the assertion of the role ofarcheologia postmedievale as a specific field of study, up to the possible developments of rural archeology, thanks to the recent dialogue with historical ecology. The methodological proposals are applied by Anna Maria Stagno to three case studies, which investigate different objects and contexts within the Ligurian Apennine area: buildings, irrigation aqueducts, neviere. Through them, without abandoning the gaze of an archaeologist, the author measures herself against demographic, jurisdictional, cartographic, administrative and fiscal sources. The objects investigated are also an opportunity to face a reflection from different perspectives on the processes of definition, protection and enhancement of the rural heritage, which today constitute a central element in the dynamics of the territories analyzed.


Presentazione, di Marco Milanese


  • 1. Archeologia e archeologia rurale: prospettive storiografiche
  • 2. Edilizia storica. Ventarola, ovvero la definizione dello spazio locale (XV-XXI secolo)
  • 3. Perlezzi: archeologia e storia di una società dell’irrigazione  (Appennino ligure orientale XVII-XXI secolo)
  • 4. Un esercizio di contestualizzazione del patrimonio rurale: le neviere del Monte Antola  e il commercio della neve a Genova (XVIII-XXI secolo)


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