I rivestimenti degli scafi dall’antichità all’età moderna. Introduzione alle tecniche e alle maestranze

17,00 - 34,00

Author: Eliza Costa
Year of printing: 2024
ISBN: 9788892852655
e-ISBN: 9788892852662


This work by Elisa Costa, the first volume of this new series, offers an overview of the topic of covering wooden hulls from ancient times to the modern era in order to make the hull watertight and protect the wood. The topic is addressed through the study of both archaeological and historical sources: while the former allow us to study the evolution of hull protection and waterproofing systems, the latter document the workers employed in the exploitation of resources, in the processing of pitch and hemp and in waterproofing techniques.
Elisa Costa graduated in Archaeology, and obtained a master's degree in Maritime Archaeology. She is archaeology, maritime history and techniques of underwater archaeological research, a PhD in History of Arts, with an inter-university doctorate from the Ca' Foscari and Iuav Universities of Venice. She is currently a Researcher in Archaeological Research Methodologies at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. She mainly deals with maritime and underwater archaeology, with particular interest in shipbuilding, combining archaeological aspects with ethnographic ones. She also deals with surveying through digital techniques for the documentation, study and dissemination of archaeological heritage.
  • Presentazioni, di Sauro Gelichi, Alessandro Garrisi, Marcella Giorgio
  • Introduzione
  • 1. Le fonti storiche
  • 1.1 Lo sfruttamento delle risorse e la lavorazione di pece e canapa
  • 1.2 Le maestranze: dalle corporazioni romane alle scuole medievali
  • 1.3 Le tecniche di impermeabilizzazione nelle fonti scritte e nelle fonti iconografiche
  • 2. Le fonti archeologiche
  • 2.1 L’evoluzione della costruzione navale dal tardo antico al medioevo
  • 2.2. I sistemi di protezione e impermeabilizzazione degli scafi
  • 3. Conclusioni
  • Abstract
  • Riferimenti bibliografici

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