I vetri incisi dall’Italia settentrionale e dalla Rezia nel periodo medio e tardo imperiale


Author: Fabrizio Paulucci
Year of printing: 1997
ISBN: 9788878141155

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The author turns to a topic of great interest - that of diatretic glass - with the intention of filling a gap repeatedly highlighted by the archaeological literature whose analysis has, in many respects, remained at the pioneering stage, especially as regards the in Italy, the work follows the diatretary production from the 'rebirth' to the decadence of that art (i.e. from the end of the 80nd century AD to the beginning of the XNUMXth century), raising a large number of questions: just think of the hypothesis of a northern production -Italian of an industrial type with peculiar characteristics opposite to that of the engraved glass, found in the Po Valley, as imported objects - of Rhenish or Eastern origin - mainly addressed to Milan when in that city the imperial comitatus presupposed to concentrate of sumptuary art products. The work, which is the result of a difficult research on extremely dispersed materials, proposes numerous other fields of investigation such as the relationship between client and diatretarii, the interpretation between engraved glass and other sumptuary goods (think of ivory), the value of glass diatreto as an expression of 'status symbol', iconographic references etc. The volume ends with XNUMX critical sheets accompanied by an illustrative apparatus with photos and line drawings.



Presentazione, di Roberta Budriesi

  • Storia degli studi
  • Produzione vetraria nell’Italia settentrionale ed in Rezia nel periodo medio e tardo imperiale
  • Il ruolo del vetro inciso quale simbolo di status sociale
  • Precisazioni relative a produzioni di vetri incisi già definite e proposte per
  • l’identificazione di nuovi ateliers
  • Il vetro inciso e le “arti minori”
  • Problemi iconografici
  • Catalogo
  • Conclusioni

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