Il castello di Giulio II ad Ostia Antica


Author:  Simona Pannuzi (edited by)
Year of printing: 2009
ISBN: 9788878144026


With texts by Chiara Belfiore, Gabriella Berlingò, Roberta Boccanera, Ilaria Carocci, Francesco De Francesco, Emanuela Franco, Viviana Guidetti, Marco Malagodi, Nicolò Masturzo, Bruno Messiga, Simona Pannuzi, Maria Pia Riccardi, Simonetta Riccio, Stefano Ridolfi, Laura Spada.

Through an in-depth historical, artistic, archaeological and architectural analysis, the volume, divided into different and complementary essays, offers a precious contribution to the knowledge of one of the most characteristic and emblematic monuments of the Ostiense territory and allows to better enhance an architectural reality even today substantially unchanged. The vision that has been chosen to give the monument, following an alternative path to traditional treatments, is the multidisciplinary one, linked to the multiple interpretations that the building itself offers to those who approach it. In particular, we wanted to highlight some architectural features of the building, such as the papal bathroom and the frescoes of the staircase, which had never previously been adequately analyzed. The contributions regarding the very recent restoration of a part of the frescoes of the monumental staircase are particularly significant due to the innovations that emerged during the intervention.

Presentazione – Introduzione

1. Il borgo di Gregoriopoli dall’Altomedioevo all’età rinascimentale: analisi della cinta muraria, di Simona Pannuzi

2. Il castello di Ostia Antica: analisi delle fasi costrutttive, di Simona Pannuzi

3. Il bagno papale del castello di Ostia Antica, di Simona Pannuzi, Nicolò Masturzo

4. Gli affreschi del castello di Ostia Antica, di Simona Pannuzi

5. Il restauro degli affreschi del primo ballatoio dello scalone, di Laura Spada, Chiara Belfiore, Gabriella Berlingò, Simonetta Riccio, Emanuela Franco, Francesco De Francesco, Roberta Boccanera

6. Le superfici affrescate del castello di Ostia Antica: prime indagini diagnostiche, di Viviana Guidetti, Marco Malagodi, Bruno Messiga, Maria Pia Riccardi, Stefano Ridolfi, Ilaria Carocci


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4, Documenti di Archeologia Postmedievale

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