Il monastero di San Benedetto di Leno Archeologia di un paesaggio in età medievale


Author: Fabio Saggioro (edited by), Andrea Breda (edited by), Maria Bosco (edited by)
Year of printing: 2019
ISBN: 9788878148864
e-ISBN: 9788878148871

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Monasteries were among the great protagonists of early medieval society and economy throughout Europe. The monastery of Leno, founded by the last of the Lombard kings Desiderio, was one of the most important monastic centers of the time: from the second half of the eighth century throughout the Middle Ages it marked the life of a territory and more generally was an active protagonist of the political, cultural and economic life of all northern Italy. Its structures, largely demolished during the modern age, have been brought to light after years of archaeological research conducted by the Superintendency and the University of Verona and in this volume, for the first time, the evidence that emerged during the course is illustrated of the excavations. The volume collects the contributions of various authors and returns the results from territorial surveys, excavations and research on the ancient environment.

  • Presentazione, Stefano Bruno Galli
  • Prefazione, Vittorio Biemmi
  • Tra archeologia, paleografia e storia. Leno un piccolo miracolo italiano, Angelo Baronio

1. Paesaggio, insediamento

  • 1.1 Insediamenti e paesaggi di pianura. Flero, Poncarale e dintorni tra età romana e Medioevo, Luca Arioli
  • 1.2 Ricognizioni di superficie nella Bassa pianura bresciana, Maria Bosco

2. Sequenza di scavo

  • 2.1 Archeologia a Leno, Denise Morandi
  • 2.2 Le indagini presso l’area nord, Maria Bosco, Lorenzo Marasco, Paola Pistis, Denise Morandi, Chiara Marastoni
  • 2.3 L’evoluzione del complesso monastico (aree sud e nord), Andrea Breda, Maria Bosco, Fabio Saggioro

3. Ambiente

  • 3.1 Le analisi archeobotaniche e palinologiche, Maria Bosco
  • 3.2 Le analisi zooarcheologiche, Giulia Rinaldi

4. Materiali

  • 4.1 La ceramica da cucina, Elisa Maccadanza, Nicola Mancassola
  • 4.2 La pietra ollare, Chiara Malaguti, Martina Moretti
  • 4.3 I metalli, Elisa Lerco
  • 4.4 Una terracotta figurata da Leno, Monica Ibsen

5. Considerazioni conclusive

  • 5.1 Leno: le origini del monastero e il suo sviluppo, Fabio Saggioro


Review on: Archeo - No. 423 (May 2020) - Digging the Middle Ages. A monastery called Desiderio, by Andrea Augenti

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