Il territorio di Alessandria della Rocca (AG): storia e territorio tra i fiumi Magazzolo e Platani. Con una riflessione storico-archeologica lungo la via dell’acqua

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Author: Johannes Bergemann, Paola Bibiana Ciaravella, Rebecca Klug
Year of printing: 2024
ISBN: 9788892852761
e-ISBN: 9788892852778


Alessandria della Rocca (AG) has a large number of monuments and historical and archaeological sites. Among these, the prehistoric sites of Cozzo Menta and Ceragolo, the Iron Age highland settlement on Monte Lordichella and the rock necropolis of Casa Inglese, the rock tombs of Ciniè and the Roman villa with the granarium of Cozzo Turco, the Roman vicus of Chinesi with the Guttidri necropolis and finally the octagonal building of late ancient or medieval age known as La Turri. This exorbitant wealth of historical and archaeological monuments in the 'middle ground' of the Sicani Mountains had long escaped intense archaeological research unlike other areas of Sicily. An investigation by the Georg-August-Universität of Göttingen (Germany) between 2008 and 2013 systematically disclosed to international research the knowledge of the historical-archaeological sites and finds present in the Sicani Mountains area. In this volume, knowledge of the site is further enriched by an analysis of the stories linked to the territory carried out by the archaeologist Paola Bibiana Ciaravella with a single common thread, water, investigated in its multiple forms of anthropic use, providing the reader with an accessible and interesting overview.

  • Introduzione, di Giovanna Bubello
  • Prefazione, di Johannes Bergemann
  • Ringraziamenti, di Paola Bibiana Ciaravella
  • Johannes Bergemann, L’hinterland di Agrigento nei Monti Sicani e il territorio di Alessandria della Rocca. Nuovi dati dal survey della Georg-August-Universität di Göttingen
  • Rebecca Klug, Insediamenti romani nell’entroterra di Agrigento
  • Paola Bibiana Ciaravella, Digressioni storico-archeologiche lungo la via dell’acqua. Il territorio di Alessandria della Rocca (AG) tra il fiume Magazzolo e il fiume Platani
  • Appendice 1 – Licentia Populandi concessa a Federico Abatellis da Ferdinando “Il Cattolico”, 1507 per la Contea di Cammarata
  • Appendice 2 – Atto notariale del notaio P. Unda del 2 ottobre 1588
  • Appendice 3 – Punti d’interesse: le chiese di Alessandria della Rocca

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