La grotta dei Cocci di Narni. Scavi 1989-2001


Author: Maria Cristina De Angelis (Editor)
Year of printing: 2019
ISBN: 9788878149540
e-ISBN: 9788878149557




The present work has the ambition to deepen, in the regional framework, the aspect of the ancient Neolithic in its terminal phase. The excavation, which was extremely complex in its stratigraphy and structures, has returned a fertile clay, stone and ornamental heritage; the documentation regarding the subsistence system, the external environment and human funerary remains is also particularly rich; thanks to the generous and patient work of many external collaborators, who, while not participating directly in the excavation, made their experience and expertise available, it was possible to address issues relating to the ancient environment and to give substance and confirmation to the hypotheses on the use of the cave. The contributions of the volume are due to them. The geological introduction is followed by a brief history of the investigations in the cave and the illustration of the stratigraphy and structures, then the studies on the clay material, the lithic industry, on the archaeobotanical, archaeozoological, anthropological remains and on the mineralogical components of the ceramics. The documentation of the most significant stratigraphic sections accompanies the chapter on Morphology; moreover, without the patient and punctual synthesis work carried out by Nicola Bruni and Anna Riva it would not have been possible to condense the stratigraphic sequences with the necessary clarity, having available a very high number of disparate graphic products.

  • Premessa, di Maria Cristina De Angelis
  • 1. Sulla geomorfologia dell’area intorno alla Grotta dei Cocci presso Narnidi Odoardo Girotti
  • 2. Introduzionedi Maria Cristina De Angelis
  • 3. Morfologia, stratigrafia e scavodi Maria Cristina De Angelis
  • 4. I materiali
  • 4.1 La produzione fittiledi Maria Cristina De Angelis
  • 4.2 Analisi archeometriche di reperti ceramici, di Paola Comodi, Azzurra Zucchini, Andrea Bisciotti, Maximiliano Fastelli, Marco Cherin, Roberto Rettori
  • 4.3 L’industria liticadi Adriana Moroni, Simona Arrighi, Sem Scaramucci
  • 5. Lo studio antropologico fisico dei reperti umani neoliticidi Giulia Capecchi
  • 6. I macroresti botanici, di Elisabetta Castiglioni, Mauro Rottoli, Michela Cottini
  • 7. Le faune. Considerazioni ambientali, economiche e culturalidi Leonardo Salari, Antonio Tagliacozzo
  • 8. L’Alloro (Laurus nobilis Linnaeus, 1753)di Angelo Barili
  • 9. Osservazioni conclusivedi Maria Cristina De Angelis
  • Abstracts

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