La memoria culturale dell’Oltresarca trentino. Paesaggi, persone e storie di pietre

Author: Alexandra Chavarría Arnau (Editor), Marie-Ange Causarano (Editor)
Year of printing: 2018
ISBN: 9788899547264

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In recent years, reflections on Public Archeology have multiplied in Italy, a definition that includes all activities involving the public in archeology projects. In most cases, this involvement consisted in communicating the archaeological methods and the results of the excavations through a series of activities related to the excavation sites, especially aimed at young people and enthusiasts. In our "Participatory Archeology Summer Schools" the involvement of local communities (territorial museums, cultural associations and individual enthusiasts) is instead active, and involves the contribution of local people in the various stages of research: from the identification of the topics of interest, the creation of knowledge for the protection and enhancement of both material (landscapes, architecture, archaeological sites) and immaterial (traditional knowledge, historical memories, folklore) heritage with the aim of jointly addressing issues relating to heritage conservation, environmental sustainability , to safeguard biodiversity. In the Oltresarca, a territory investigated in the summers of 2016 and 2017, the agricultural landscapes, pastures and woods are threatened both by progressive abandonment, with consequences on the entire ecosystem, and by monoculture to vineyards, with the risk of losing, in addition to biodiversity , even the traditional terraced landscapes, destroyed to allow the use of tractors. These issues are addressed using tools and methods of the archeology of historical landscapes and are presented in the first part of this volume. A second part is dedicated to the analysis of the methods of cultivation and exploitation of the Oltresarca quarries in relation to the study of the urban centers of Bolognano and Massone, with the examination of the historical land registers, the cataloging and the stratigraphic analysis of the historical building preserved.

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