La Rocca di Manerba (Scavi 1995-1999, 2009)


Author: Gian Pietro Brogiolo (edited by), Brunella Portulano (edited by)
Year of printing: 2011
ISBN: 9788887115659

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There are places that, due to their dominant position, have attracted human settlement since prehistoric times. One of these is Rocca di Manerba, whose almost complete excavation has brought to light a sequence that goes from the Iron Age (not present in this publication), to the Augustan age up to the late Middle Ages.

Contains the contributions of M. Asolati, G. Bellosi, R. Bugini, L. Casagrande, I. Colpo, E. Ferronato, L. Folli, M. Ibsen, C. Malaguti, A. Marcante, S. Minghelli, L. Mura, S. Mazzocchin, S. Morina, B. Portulano, T. Scarin, P. Verger, F. Veronese.


1.The Rocca di Manerba and its context - Part one: Excavation 1995-1999 (2. The excavation campaigns; 3. The analysis of the masonry; 4. Reliefs; 5. The Roman ceramics; 6. The common ceramics; 7. The soapstone; 8. The vitreous material; 9. The metal artifacts , stone, terracotta and bone; 10. Ceramics and potters in the Lombard area between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; 11. Coroplasty: fragment of a statue's face; 12, Coins [II century BC - 1918]; 13. Fragments of painted plaster Roman age) - Second part: Excavation 2009 (14. Archaeological investigations; 15. Common raw pottery; 16. Soapstone; 17. Glass material; 18. Metal artifacts; 19. Analysis of plaster) - Third part: various (20. Fragments of painted plaster from the church of San Nicolò. Preliminary note; Traces of the manufacture of a bell in the castle church; Frament of an early medieval pillar; Petrographic investigations on mortar samples from Tower 3) - REFERENCES

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