Landolfo vescovo di Ferrara al tempo di Matilde di Canossa. Dal castello di Ficarolo alla costruzione della nuova cattedrale

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Author: Luciano Pigaiani
Year of printing: 2022
ISBN:  9788892851122
e-ISBN: 9788892851139


In medieval Ferrara, various bishops had a more or less important value in their pastoral or political action and probably the bishop who left the greatest imprint in this centuries-old excursus was Landolfo, who ruled the episcopate in Ferrara at the beginning of the twelfth. century. But who was Landolfo, where and from which family did he come? Coming from the castle of Ficarolo, where the family resided, and installed by Countess Matilde as bishop of Ferrara, with his long episcopate held in the period of the Gregorian reform and the struggle for investitures, it crossed most of the first half of the XNUMXth century in the passage from the Matildic domination to the emergence of new municipal forces in Ferrara. A skilled politician, Landolfo fought all his life to achieve political and religious autonomy from Ravenna: he laid the foundations, exploited the favorable historical moment, obtained autonomy for the first time; relations change, he must yield, not without strenuous resistance, to the dominion of Ravenna. But he does not give up and when the opportunity still arises he takes advantage of the favorable situation to establish a cordial relationship with the new Pope Innocent II, pose the problem of autonomy as a determining factor for Ferrara and start the new cathedral. The quotations and documents in Latin reported in the text have almost always been translated in a strictly literal form. In the appendix there are twenty-seven documents (some unpublished) that make clear the role he played in the religious field, in political relations and as administrator of the assets of his Church.



  • 1. Vescovo nel segno di Matilde di Canossa
  • 2. La famiglia di Landolfo nel castello di Ficarolo
  • 3. La società ferrarese agli albori del XII secolo
  • 3.1 Il tessuto cittadino
  • 3.2 Lotta per le investiture a Ferrara
  • 3.3 Landolfo vescovo
  • 3.4 Feudalità vescovile
  • 3.5 Movimento comunale
  • 3.6 Landolfo “paciere” nella società ferrarese
  • 4. Il vescovado di Landolfo
  • 4.1 La massa Firminiana (1104)
  • 4.2 Il privilegio di papa Pasquale II (1105)
  • 4.3 I sinodi di Ferrara (1105-1110) e il concilio di Guastalla (1106)
  • 4.4 Il clero riformato
  • 4.5 L’esercizio del potere di Landolfo nelle terre della Chiesa ferrarese
  • 4.6 Landolfo e Ferrara tra Papato e Impero e il privilegio del 1117
  • 4.7 Le mosse politiche di Landolfo
  • 5. La nuova cattedrale
  • 5.1 Considerazioni dalla “Vitaliana”
  • 5.2 Epilogo

Cronologia di Ferrara e della famiglia di Landolfo
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