L’insediamento romano di Chiunsano. Gli scavi dell’Università di Bochum (1992-2000)


Author: Gianni de Zuccato (Eds)
Year of printing: 2016
ISBN: 9788878146013
e-ISBN: 9788878146754


The area of ​​the Roman settlement of Chiunsano, in the municipal area of ​​Gaiba (Rovigo), already investigated by Alfonso Alfonsi with some trenches in 1904, was the subject of nine excavations, systematically conducted from 1992 to 2000 by the University of Bochum , under the direction of prof. Hermann Büsing. The volume presents the results of field research, which made it possible to reconstruct the plan and the main building events of the complex, evidence of the centuries-old presence of Roman people in the Polesine area, together with the results of the cataloging and study of the finds, which involved numerous specialists in the work. Some finds, including the funerary equipment of the so-called "Dama di Chiunsano", extraordinary for the richness and heterogeneous origin of the ornamental objects, datable between the second half of the fifth and the beginning of the sixth century AD, testify to an attendance of also located in late antiquity.


Presentazioni, Fabiano Pigaiani, Simonetta Bonomi
Premessa, Vincenzo Tiné
Archeologia a Ficarolo e Gaiba: storia degli studi e nuove ricerche, Carla Corti e Gianni de Zuccato

Gli scavi

  • Gli scavi di Ficarolo/Gaiba, località Chiunsano (1992-2000), Hermann Büsing
  • Die Ausgrabungen in Ficarolo/Gaiba, località Chiunsano (1992 bis 2000), Hermann Büsing

I materiali

  • Ceramica a vernice nera, Isabella Borghero
  • Ceramica grigia, Federico Biondani
  • Ceramica a pareti sottili, Isabella Borghero
  • Ceramica a vernice rossa interna, Federico Biondani
  • Sarius-Schalen, Aco-Becher, Reliefkeramik, Glasurkeramik, Späte Sigillata, Incensieri, Andrea Büsing-Kolbe
  • Terra sigillata liscia (italica e nord-italica), Silvia Cipriano
  • Terra sigillata orientale, Silvia Cipriano
  • Ceramica fine da mensa di media e tarda età imperiale, Federico Biondani
  • Terra sigillata e ceramica da cucina africana, Federico Biondani
  • Ceramica comune depurata, Federico Biondani
  • Ceramiche ad impasto grezzo, Carla Corti
  • Anfore, tappi di anfora e tappi di contenitori domestici, Alessandra Toniolo
  • Lampen, Andrea Büsing-Kolbe
  • Laterizi bollati, Mauro Calzolari
  • Pesi fittili, Mauro Calzolari
  • Vetri e paste vitree, Paolo Ceriani
  • Miscellanea, Andrea Büsing-Kolbe
  • Stein, Andrea Büsing-Kolbe
  • Die Fundmünzen von Chiunsano, Hermann Büsing
  • Funde aus der Völkerwanderungszeit, Andrea Büsing-Kolbe

Le analisi antropologiche

  • La Dama di Ficarolo: analisi antropologica, Nicoletta Onisto, Roberta Donati, Emanuela Gualdi Russo

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