L’isola di domani. Cultura materiale e contesti archeologici a San Giacomo in Paludo (Venezia)


Author: Margherita Ferri, Cecilia Moine
Year of printing: 2014
ISBN: 9788878145986


The book is the history of the island of yesterday and above all of the relationship between its spaces, its inhabitants, the buildings they occupied and their everyday objects, from the late Middle Ages to today.
San Giacomo in Paludo is an island in the northern lagoon of Venice, now uninhabited, but which since the XNUMXth century has hosted first a community of Cistercian nuns, then a Franciscan priory and finally some military garrisons.
The first part of the book tells the archaeological and historical research: the general description of the occupied spaces and of the single excavated areas is followed by the discussion on specific types of data such as ceramics, human remains, fauna and historical sources.
The second part of the work tries to understand the significance of this place in the course of the different historical moments through the point of view of the inhabitants and that of the wider lagoon.
The main theme of the research is the communities that have inhabited it and their material remains. The three main variables used for their characterization were the use of space, relations with the area outside the island and, finally, waste treatment.
In the past the site has always been a mirror of the relationship between Venice and its lagoon. What will be the island of tomorrow?



Ieri, oggi, domani. Storie di un’isola e delle sue genti, di Sauro Gelichi

1. Introduzione, di Margherita Ferri, Cecilia Moine
2. La sequenza insediativa, di Margherita Ferri, Cecilia Moine
3. Tecnologie edilizie, di Fulvio Baudo
4. UTS 1000, di Margherita Ferri, Cecilia Moine
5. UTS 4000, di Carlo Beltrame, Margherita Ferri, Cecilia Moine
6. UTS 3000, di Fulvio Baudo, Margherita Ferri, Cecilia Moine
7. UTS 2000, di Margherita Ferri, Cecilia Moine
8. La sequenza della UTS 7000, di Margherita Ferri
9. La ceramica, di Margherita Ferri, Alberto García Porras, Laura Martín Ramos
10. Ossa animali di mammiferi e di uccelli dal monastero e dal priorato, di Aleks Pluskowski, Kris Seetah, Silvia Garavello
11. Le sepolture di San Giacomo in Paludo, di Francesca Bertoldi, Carlotta Sisalli
12. Le monete rinvenute nello scavo di San Giacomo in Paludo, di Michele Chimienti
13. L’Isola attraverso le fonti scritte, di Cecilia Moine, Elisa Corrò
14. Anima di un’isola, di Margherita Ferri, Cecilia Moine
15. L’isola di domani, di Margherita Ferri, Cecilia Moine


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