L’Ospedale Santa Maria della Scala. Storia e Archeologia


Author: Riccardo Francovich (edited by), Marco Valenti (Eds)
Year of printing: 2002


The Santa Maria della Scala Hospital in Siena and the Piazza del Duomo opposite have been the subject of archaeological investigations by the University since 1988. The CD-ROM presents, in multimedia form, the results of these studies, telling the story of the evolutionary events of what is one of the most ancient areas of the city. From the Etruscan town to the Roman thermal building, from the village of early medieval huts to the first installation of the medieval hospital, the area has always been at the center of the history of Siena.
This story finds in the CD-ROM a new and captivating way to tell itself, thanks to the use of reconstructive drawings and innovative technologies in the presentation of data coming from archaeological investigations, traditionally not easily understood by the unskilled public.

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2, Archeologia dei Paesaggi Medievali

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